Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Natasha instigates Karan against Rishabh.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi confeses his crimes and stabs Preeta. He leaves from there with Sherlyn. Sameer and Srishti comes there and gets worried about Preeta. Preeta tells them that she recorded Prithvi’s confession and she wore padding so she is fine. Later, Karan asks Preeta to decide that she want to be in their relationship or not and she has time until tomorrow to think. Next day, Karan tells Preeta that he is going to marry Natasha. She thinks that she has to reach Dubai and leaves from there. Later, everyone gets ready for marriage. Natasha tells Sherlyn that Karan won’t understand anything for the next 3 hours because of drug and in 3 hours she will get married to him. Karan and Natasha sits on the marriage mandap. Sameer and Srishti bribes the Priest and makes him return. Prithvi arranges another Priest.

Marriage rituals begins. Karan and Natasha gets ready to exchange the marriage garlands. Preeta stops Karan. Natasha murmurs Karan to continue because Preeta has not confessed her love yet. Rishabh enters the house. Everyone gets shocked seeing him. Rishabh scolds Karan for marrying someone else and slaps him. Karan hugs him and asks that where was the latter till now. Prithvi wonders that how Rishabh reached there. Rishabh says that he went to Dubai to handle business but he could not return because he got framed in fake drug case. Rishabh says that he is alive because of Preeta. He adds that Preeta proved his innocence by submitting proofs.

Karan asks him that who framed him in drug case. Prithvi prays to God to save him. Rishabh reveals that it’s Prithvi. Prithvi defends himself. So Preeta plays Prithvi’s confession video. Karan and Mahesh beat Prithvi up. Rishabh asks Prithvi to leave the house. Preeta ousts Prithvi out of the house. Rishabh reveals about Prithvi and Sherlyn’s extra marital affair which shocks everyone. Kritika runs inside. Sherlyn tells Rishabh that she will divorce him but she want alimony. Kareena slaps her. Rishabh tells Sherlyn to leave the house tomorrow and the latter goes inside. He warns Karan to not hurt Preeta again. Preeta leaves from there. Natasha follows her and tells her that she will marry Karan in 3 days. Rishabh spends time with his family.

Preeta thinks Karan never believed her and cries recalling that how he was about to marry Natasha. Rishabh cries recalling Sherlyn’s words about divorce. Preeta and Rishabh sees each other. She feels bad for him. He tells her that his choice was wrong but he has family and that’s enough for him. She says that she lost Karan while throwing Prithvi out of the house and cries. He asks her to not worry because Karan won’t leave her. She cries hugging him. Karan comes there and tells Rishabh that Rakhi calling him. Rishabh asks Preeta to not cry and leaves from there with Karan. Preeta thinks that Karan didn’t even ask that why she is crying. Karan asks Rishabh that why Preeta cried. Rishabh tells him that Preeta is sad but she didn’t said anything against the latter. He asks him to not do anything which could hurt Preeta and leaves from there.

Natasha overhears their conversation. She apologizes to Karan on behalf of Sherlyn. He tells her that it was not her mistake so she need not to apologize. She asks him that what if Rishabh take over the business and all. He yells at her and warns her to not talk about Rishabh and leaves from there. She says that she will make sure that Karan thinks that something going on between Preeta and Rishabh. Karan thanks Preeta for bringing Rishabh house. He adds that she created problem for him and she didn’t answer him yet so he can marry still. Next day, Sherlyn apologizes to Rishabh and pleads him to not throw her out of the house. Kareena snatches Sherlyn’s nuptial chain and yells at her. Sherlyn asks for last chance. But Preeta refuses to give last chance to Sherlyn. Sherlyn tells them that she will ruin their life and leaves the house. 

Karan finds Prithvi in his cabin and throws him out of the office. Mahesh tells Rishabh that he is not understanding that what’s happening with him so he want to give power of attorney on the latter’s name. Preeta comes there and asks Mahesh about his health. Mahesh tells her that he is fine because Rishabh returned. Kareena says that now they need not to follow any rules. Rishabh says that everyone knows that why Preeta did all that. Preeta tells him that she didn’t felt bad and she did everything for her family. Natasha talks to Roxy and goes to meet him. Preeta follows her. Prithvi finds Sherlyn in his house. She tells him that they lost against Preeta.

Roxy reveals that he fake kidnapped Natasha on her behest. He adds that she even lied to Karan that he is her ex boyfriend. She tells him that marriage news got published on the newspaper as per her wish. She adds that Karan will marry her because she gave an interview to media recently and no one can stop this marriage. He tells her that she is going to ruin Karan’s life. She tells him that no one should know that he is her husband. Preeta overhears their conversation. They sees Preeta and kidnaps her. Rishabh asks Karan to sign on the power of attorney papers. But Karan refuses saying that he don’t want to give stress to Rishabh. Preeta finds one of the kidnapper’s phone and calls Karan but no response from other side. Then she calls Rishabh and asks him to save her saying that she will send location to him. Kidnappers ties Preeta. They hears police siren sound and goes out.

In the upcoming episode, the police will arrest Prithvi. So Sherlyn will decide to separate Preeta from Karan. Other side, Natasha will tell Karan that Preeta and Rishabh have an extra marital affair. Karan will yell at her.

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