Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Pihu gets kidnapped in front of Sonakshi.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Rishabh tells Preeta that he also noticed sudden change in Sherlyn’s behaviour and he is happy to see her concern towards him. Preeta asks him to appreciate Sherlyn’s effort and confess his feelings to her otherwise she will tell everyone. He asks her to not do that and he will try his best. Other side, Sherlyn tells her Lawyer Rahul that she wants Prithvi out of jail no matter what. He tells her that he wants to reveal Prithvi’s past to Judge to get his sympathy. She says to him that he can do whatever he wants to do to get Prithvi out of jail.

Rishabh hears that. She notices Rishabh’s shadow and tells Rahul that Prithvi should not get out of jail no matter what. Rishabh tells her that he heard everything. She fake cries and asks him that how can he suspect her again. He tells her that he misunderstood it and leaves the room. He tells himself that he noticed that she changed her statement after seeing his shadow and he decides to catch her red-handed.

Karan returns to his room to take his car key and Preeta teases him. They talks about their love journey. Sonakshi decides to use Pihu to hurt Preeta. Rishabh follows Sherlyn to expose her. He sees her visiting Prithvi in jail. Prithvi thanks Sherlyn for putting so much effort to get him out of jail. She tells him that she just wants his love not thanks. He says to her that he is lucky that she loves him this much. Rishabh overhears their conversation and leaves from there. He recalls that how he met Sherlyn and why he married her. He wonders that what if nothing happened between them, that night and she tricked him and his family to marry him. Luthra are having dinner. Rishabh enters the house and moves towards his room directly ignoring everyone’s questions.

Preeta notices that he is drunk and tells Luthra’s that he must be tired so going to his room to freshen up. He decides to find out that who was the father of Sherlyn’s child and searches his room. When Sherlyn enters the house, Preeta tells her to take her and Rishabh’s dinner to their room saying that his mood was off today. Sherlyn enters the room with food. He asks her to accept that she just used him till now. She tells him that it’s not like that. He tells her that he knows about her affair with Prithvi and he himself saw everything. He asks her that who was the father of her child, because it’s not him for sure.

Luthra ladies discusses about storm. Sonakshi thinks that she is storm for Luthra’s and she won’t leave them until she gets her rights in Luthra house. Preeta wonders that what would have happened between Sherlyn and Rishabh. Sonakshi notices her expression. Pihu comes there and tells Preeta that she is afraid to be alone because of thundering sound. Kareena and Dadi scolds Preeta and asks her to take responsibility of Pihu seriously. Rakhi takes Preeta’s side and asks Preeta to take Pihu to her room. She tells Kareena that the latter scolds Preeta unnecessarily. Preeta sings a lullaby and Pihu sleeps.

Sherlyn lies to Rishabh that it was his child only. He reveals her and Prithvi’s jail conversation which shocks her. Kareena tells Dadi that Preeta neglecting Pihu and if it continued then she will give Pihu to Sonakshi. Dadi asks her to not say like that. Sonakshi plans to do something against Preeta to prove that she is not a good mother. She decides to tell Pihu that she is her mother not Preeta. Sherlyn agrees that she never loved Rishabh and he don’t deserve to be her husband too. She confesses that Prithvi was father of her child. She says to him that he is such a boring person and no one will love him. He controls his anger and leaves from there. Later, Sherlyn meets Prithvi in jail and informs him that she confessed the truth to Rishabh.

Prithvi yells at her for confessing the truth to Rishabh. She gets angry and asks him to not blame her because it’s him who messed up everything. She cries saying that now Luthra’s will insult her but she knows that they won’t call the Police. He tells her to leave the house before Rishabh expose her. Other side, Rishabh ignores Luthra’s questions and leaves the house with his luggage. Preeta asks Sherlyn that what happened to Rishabh. For that Sherlyn replies that she has no idea that why Rishabh behaved like that. She understands that Rishabh didn’t expose her and gets relieved. Preeta tells her that he just said that there is a business problem in London branch so he is going there but she feels that, that was just an excuse. Sherlyn recalls the harsh words she said to Rishabh and smriks.

Later, Sonakshi tells Luthra ladies that Preeta is busy with other responsibilities when her priority should be Pihu. Kareena and Dadi asks Preeta to concentrate on Pihu only. Preeta wonders that what happened to them suddenly. Next day, Sherlyn meets Prithvi in jail and she informs him about Rishabh’s decision. He ask her to take revenge on Preeta on behalf of him. She tells him that he need not to ask that and promises to throw Preeta from Luthra’s life. Preeta drops Pihu in her class mate Disha’s birthday party. She asks Disha’s mother Roma to call her once party ends. Later, Roma calls Preeta but Sonakshi picks the call and pretends like Preeta. Sonakshi tricks Preeta by giving wrong pick up time. She  goes to Roma’s house to pick Pihu up but someone kidnaps Pihu in front of her.

Preeta takes care of Luthra’s thinking that she has time to pick Pihu up from Roma’s house. Sonakshi returns home and gets worried thinking that she can’t even tell Luthra’s about Pihu’s kidnap. Meanwhile, kidnapper Simi gives the unconscious Pihu to her team members and they discuss about Luthra’s. Karan enters the house and asks about Pihu. Preeta tells him that Pihu has not returned from party yet. He informs her that party is over. She checks the message but could not find it. Sonakshi thinks that she deleted the message.

In the upcoming episode, Luthra’s will learn about Pihu’s kidnap. Preeta will receive Pihu’s pics which has been sent by kidnappers.

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