Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Preeta gives another chance to Rishabh and Sherlyn’s relationship.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Sherlyn talks to Rishabh’s picture and expresses her worry about him. Preeta witnesses that. Sherlyn learns about Sanjana’s heart attack and she goes to meet her mother. Kareena informs Rishabh about Sanjana’s heart attack. He gets worried for Sanjana and Sherlyn. Prithvi calls Sherlyn and informs her that he finished Sandeep.

He didn’t console her after knowing about Sanjana’s heart attack too which upset her. Then he calls Sudeepa to confirm Sandeep’s death and he learns that Sandeep is in city hospital. Preeta tells Srishti that Sherlyn started valuing her relationship with Rishabh and he also loves Sherlyn so she want to give a chance to their relationship that’s why she send Sherlyn to Sanjana’s home and Sanjana also helped her by lying about heart attack.

Karan calls Preeta and apologizes to her for not being with her in this difficult situation. Sudeepa informs Preeta about Prithvi’s call. Preeta confirms that Prithvi is not in home so she asks Sudeepa to stay with Sandeep today. Then she informs Shilpa that Prithvi may reach the hospital so she will send his picture to her. Shilpa receives Prithvi’s picture. Prithvi asks Shilpa about Sandeep’s room. He also notice his picture in her mobile and he makes her unconscious after learning about Sandeep’s room number. He makes Sudeepa unconscious too.

Preeta enters the hospital and she finds Shilpa. Shilpa reveals to her that she shifted Sandeep to another room and Prithvi planning to kill Sandeep. So Preeta goes to Sandeep’s new room. She hides behind the bed when Prithvi enters the room. He searches the syringe and that time she exchanges the medicine.

Prithvi feels like someone watching him and he injects Sandeep and leaves the room. Preeta talks to the unconscious Sandeep and tells him that it was just a multivitamin injection and asks him to not worry. Prithvi returns to Sandeep’s room to find his ring and sees Preeta taking Sandeep with her in an ambulance. He finds his ring and leaves the hospital. On the other hand, Preeta brings Sandeep to Luthra house. Rakhi asks Preeta that why the latter left for hospital alone. Preeta tells her that she didn’t had time to inform. They goes to her room with Sandeep. She tells others that Prithvi should not know that Sandeep is in Luthra house and leaves the room.

Prithvi enters the house and asks Preeta that why she is trying to hide from him, when he saw it already. She tells him that seems like he is afraid of something and asks him to talk directly. He reveals that he saw her in the hospital and it’s her who took Sandeep with her.  She acts like she has no idea that what is he talking about. He asks her that where is Sandeep now and if she won’t say then she will face problems for sure. She tells him that he can do whatever he wants to do because she is not afraid of him and she can go any extend for her family.

He tells her that he don’t know that what he will do in anger with her. She tells him that she is afraid of him and Rishabh will be released tomorrow for sure. After some time, Prithvi thinks that Preeta would have brought Sandeep to Luthra house only and he starts searching. He tells himself that Preeta is smart so this game become more interesting but she won’t be able to win against him because he is mastermind. Preeta and others shifts Sandeep to guest room and they plans to confuse Prithvi.

Srishti calls Kritika and talks like she is talking to Preeta and asks her to come to Karan’s room and she is waiting there with Sandeep. Prithvi overhears Kritika’s conversation with Srishti and goes there but no one is there. He sees Srishti with empty wheelchair and understands that they are playing with him. He goes to kitchen and takes petrol and knife. Preeta notices movement in Sandeep and tells her gang that seems like he is going to wake up. Prithvi tells himself that he will make sure that Sandeep comes in front of him and even Preeta can’t do anything about it. Then he sets fire in Sameer’s room and leaves from there.

Preeta and her gang goes to Sameer’s room. Prithvi enters the guest room with knife. Sandeep pleads him to not kill. Prithvi tries to attack him and the latter escapes from there. Sandeep screams for help and he reaches the hall. Preeta and her gang hears Sandeep’s scream and they runs to the hall. Sandeep loses his consciousness and Preeta finds him. She asks Sameer to pick Sandeep up. He makes him lay on the sofa. Rakhi asks them that how Sandeep reached there. Prithvi overhears their conversation and thinks that Preeta didn’t tell the truth to Rakhi. They acts like they don’t have any idea about Prithvi’s plan.

Sameer stays with Sandeep and Prithvi waits for the right time to kill Sandeep. Sameer goes to the kitchen and Prithvi stabs Sandeep who is sleeping. Preeta tells him that she trapped him. Prithvi tells her that she misunderstood him and throws the knife. Rakhi tells him that they were acting till now and they already knows that what kind of person he is. He tells them that Rishabh is in jail because of Sandeep that’s why he killed him. Preeta calls Sandeep. Prithvi realises that he stabbed the pillow. She recalls that how she saw Prithvi behind the curtain and planned to catch him red-handed. She reveals that Rishabh is in jail because of Prithvi and it’s Prithvi who gave bribe to Sandeep.

Prithvi says that everything is lie and Preeta trying to instigate Luthra’s against him. Rakhi asks him to stop lying and slaps him. Mahesh tells them that they should call the Police. Kareena says she recorded everything so they have an evidence too. Prithvi puts the knife near Kritika’s neck and takes her to a room and locks it. Everyone asks Prithvi to open the door. Kritika asks Prithvi that how can he send Rishabh to jail. He thinks that he can’t lose his control because with her help only he can reenter the house.

In the upcoming episode, Prithvi will try to escape but Preeta will catch him.

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