Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Preeta learns that she can’t conceive

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta tells Sherlyn that she won’t expose her because it will hurt Luthra’s only and asks her to promise that the latter won’t try to harm her unborn child again. Sherlyn apologizes to her and promises to not repeat the mistake. Luthra ladies discusses about Lonavla trip and Dadi tells Preeta to consult the Doctor about travel because she booked bus so everyone can enjoy together. Other side, Sherlyn yells at Prithvi for informing about her plan to Kritika and cuts all ties with him. Sarla packs the laddu which she prepared for Preeta and leaves for Luthra mansion. Preeta welcomes Arora’s. Sarla informs her that she brought laddu for her.

Rakhi asks Sherlyn to prepare tea and snacks for Sarla. Then she informs Rakhi that they are going to Lonavla to attend Sonakshi’s marriage. Sherlyn complaints about Rakhi to Kareena so the latter tells her that when Sherlyn was pregnant that time Preeta did all the household chores so now Sherlyn should not complaint like this and they loves her too. Srishti informs Sameer that how Sherlyn tried to harm Preeta’s unborn child and asks him to watch Sherlyn’s actions in Lonavla. Janki overhears their conversation and screams Sherlyn’s name. Sarla asks her that what happened.

Sherlyn asks Janki that why the latter screaming her name. Janki tells her that she knows that what the latter did against Preeta. Rakhi asks them that what’s happening. Preeta asks Janki to leave that matter because she is fine now. Srishti lies saying that Sherlyn used to order Preeta for works when they knows that Preeta should take rest now that’s why Janki is upset with Sherlyn and murmurs to Janki that the latter should not reveal Sherlyn’s truth now. Later, Rakhi tells Karan to take Preeta to hospital for check-up. Next day, Dadi gets excited seeing the bus and tells Sherlyn to not worry because the latter will become a mother soon.

In the hospital, Doctor tells Preeta to do all the tests. After some time, Doctor informs Preeta that the latter is not pregnant. Preeta asks her that how is that possible when she already confirmed it with pregnancy test kit. Doctor explains her that pregnancy test kit results are not right always and reveals that the latter has fertility problems, her womb is weak to carry a child so she can’t become a mother. Preeta shatters hearing her and leaves the hospital after collecting her reports. Sonakshi calls Karan and tells him that she can’t wait to meet everyone and it feels like her family coming.

Rakhi calls Preeta to Kids room and talks about her grandchildren and expresses her excitement and Preeta controls her tears. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that everything is over between them and Preeta overhears her conversation. Preeta decides to tell the truth to Luthra’s. Karan notices that Preeta crying and asks her about it. Rakhi tells him that it must be because of her mood swings and Preeta must have missed him. Karan tells Preeta that he won’t let her miss him again because he is going to stay beside her always.

Srishti misses Preeta’s presence in her room and recalls their old memories and wonders that what if Preeta forgot her after giving birth to twins then she calls Sameer and reminds him that he need to protect Preeta from Sherlyn in Lonavla. Dadi tells Luthra’s that she is happy to attend Sonakshi’s marriage and she is going to enjoy all the rituals wholeheartedly and asks them to enjoy it like her and they leaves for Lonavla.

Preeta stands up in the bus to tell the truth to Luthra’s but she is about to fall and Karan holds her. Mahesh yells at the Driver. Kareena asks Preeta to be careful because recently only Mahesh came out of depression so if anything happens to her children then Mahesh may end up in depression again. Preeta decides to tell the truth later for Mahesh’s sake and Sherlyn notices Preeta’s expression and feels something is fishy definitely. They reaches Lonavla and Sonakshi, Yash welcomes them.

Sarla scolds Srishti for not cleaning the room and Srishti tells her that she want to attend Sonakshi’s marriage but Sarla opposes it. Preeta tries to tell the truth to Karan but Yash interrupts them. Sonakshi gifts ganpati idol to Preeta and she talks about her elder sister to her. Luthra’s reaches dining area to have dinner. Sonakshi learns about Preeta’s pregnancy. Rajat and his family arrives there. Rajat says to Karan that he is his big fan but Sonakshi didn’t let him meet Karan. Preeta moves towards her room and Sherlyn follows her. She cries and talks to herself saying that she can’t even tell her family that she is not pregnant.

Karan talks about Preeta to Rajat and Sonakshi and how Preeta changed his life completely. Sonakshi asks Rajat to learn to love from Karan. Sameer asks Sonakshi about lawn saying that he want to go for walking. Sonakshi notices Ananya and calls her and asks her to show the lawn to Sameer. Sherlyn tells Kareena that Preeta was crying because Preeta is not pregnant. Kareena asks her to not assume like that because even Daimaa confirmed Preeta’s pregnancy. Sherlyn tells her that she will bring evidence to prove that Preeta is not pregnant and leaves from there.

Srishti gets worried for Preeta and video calls Sameer and asks him about Preeta. He tells her that Preeta is in her room. She asks him that is not he afraid to walk alone at this time in the lawn. He tells her that Ananya is accompanying him so he is not afraid and disconnects the call. Srishti gets jealous when she hears about Ananya.

Karan notices tears on Preeta’s eyes and tells her that he can understand that it’s all happening because of her mood swings but for that also he can’t see her crying and asks her to smile. She tries to tell him that she is not pregnant but Rajat interrupts them and tells them that he is going to marry Sonakshi but he don’t know much about her and asks Karan to tell about Sonakshi’s likes and dislikes. Preeta asks Karan to help Rajat.

Karan tells Rajat that Sonakshi was famous in the college but she was a tomboy type. Rajat tells him that it’s hard to believe that. Karan tells him that tomorrow he will prove his point. Mahesh asks Rajat to take Preeta or Srishti’s help because Karan will end breaking this marriage. Rajat asks about Srishti’s mobile number. Karan tells him that he will message her. Srishti wakes Janki and asks her that can Sarla stay alone in the house for few days. Janki gets confused hearing her. Other side, Preeta recalls that how excited everyone to welcome her children.

In the upcoming episode, Preeta will reveal to Sarla that she is not pregnant.

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