Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Preeta reaches kidnapper’s hideout to rescue Pihu.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta notices the message and wonders that how her message has been changed. She calls Roma but no response from other side. Karan calls Roma and learns that Pihu left from there with Preeta already. Preeta tells that she didn’t pick Pihu up from Roma’s house.
Kidnapper calls Karan and reveals about Pihu’s kidnap and he asks him to check near door. Preeta sees Pihu’s pictures which has been sent by kidnapper and she screams. Kidnapper asks Karan to not contact Police and disconnects the call after saying that he will call again. Everyone gets worried for Pihu. Luthra ladies and Sonakshi blames Preeta for Pihu’s kidnap.

Karan approaches his police friend Vinod and informs him about Pihu’s kidnap. He asks him to help unofficially to rescue Pihu. He scolds Sonakshi for blaming Preeta and the latter goes to her room cryingly. Sherlyn follows her and asks to not act in front of her and stop crying. She tells her that she knows that the latter tricked Preeta so she could not reach Roma’s house on time.

Later, Sonakshi reaches the kidnapper’s hideout and slaps the kidnapper. Then she yells at him for keep calling her. In the Luthra house, Sherlyn blames Preeta for Pihu’s kidnap so Mahesh defends Preeta.

Sonakshi calls Karan and pretends like kidnapper and then she demands 2 crore from him. Preeta asks to understand her pain and return Pihu to her. Sonakshi  asks them to arrange money within 2 hours. Karan goes to arrange money. Vinod informs him that it looks like someone kidnapped Pihu for personal revenge so they can kill her too after taking money.

Karan tells him that he is going to rescue Pihu by giving money to kidnapper. Other side, Sherlyn finds out that Sonakshi is Pihu’s kidnapper. She breaks her mobile so no one tracks her location. Sonakshi tells her that she will make sure that Preeta becomes the villian for Luthra’s. Sherlyn reveals about Vinod and she joins hands with Sonakshi to destroy Preeta’s life. Srishti learns about Pihu’s kidnap and she consoles the crying Preeta.

Vinod gets CCTV footage of Pihu’s kidnap. He informs Karan that he is going to catch the kidnapper by fixing tracker in money bag which shocks Sherlyn. Other side, Simi tells Sonakshi that Pihu is not eating anything and keep crying. Sonakshi asks her to tie Pihu’s eyes and she will feed her. Pihu recognizes Sonakshi’s voice and calls her as Sonakshi maa. Sonakshi recalls that how she said Pihu that she gave birth to her and she is her mother and she loves her more than Preeta so she will protect her always. Sherlyn informs Sonakshi about tracker.
Sonakshi tells her that Luthra’s will face the consequences for involving Police. Sherlyn asks her that what the latter planning to do. Sonakshi tells her that she wants money and she is going to make sure that Karan hates Preeta.

Vinod decides to put audio device too with tracker. Preeta wishes to go with Karan to rescue Pihu but he refuses to take her with him. Preeta goes to her room and cries. She tells Srishti that she want to stay alone and sends her downstairs. She tells herself that she will go with Karan no matter what. Sameer searches Sonakshi in her room and Sherlyn handles him. Preeta hides in Karan’s car. Sonakshi asks Karan to throw his mobile and money bag after shifting the money to her bag. He follows her instructions. Vinod informs Police inspector about Pihu’s kidnap and gives Karan’s car number to track location. Later, Sonakshi waits in her car and sends Vicky to collect money from Karan. Preeta hides in Sonakshi’s car dicky.

Police comes there so Sonakshi escapes from there. Vicky tries to snatch the money bag from Karan and the latter asks the former about Pihu’s location. Police inspector shoots Vicky to save Karan which Vicky dies. Karan yells at Police inspector for shooting Vicky. He learns that Vinod informed him about Pihu’s kidnap and he leaves from there angrily. Police inspector calls Vinod and informs him everything. Media questions Vinod about Pihu’s kidnap. Sonakshi reaches the godown and Preeta also goes inside. Later, Karan tries to attack Vinod for involving Police in Pihu’s kidnap. Luthra ladies asks Karan that where is Pihu.

He informs them that how Vinod ruined everything by sending Police there. Vinod asks him that, was kidnapper ready to inform Pihu’s location. Karan recalls the incident and inform him that kidnapper tried to snatch the bag, he feels that kidnapper was not aware of Pihu’s location.

Sonakshi informs Rajeev about Vicky’s death. He breaks things in anger and he tells her that he will get revenge from Karan for his brother’s death. One of the kidnapper goes out to bring Pihu. Rajeev calls Karan and demands 4 crore. He threatens to kill Pihu. Preeta overhears his conversation with Karan but she could not see Sonakshi there. Karan gives official statement of Pihu’s kidnap to Media and requests his fans to help him to find out his daughter. Rajeev watches that in live news and gets angry.

Preeta calls Karan and scolds him for giving official statement to Media. She asks him to give the money to kidnapper and rescue Pihu. She tells him that she won’t forgive him if anything happened to Pihu then and disconnects the call. Then she calls Srishti and informs her that she is in kidnapper’s hideout and asks her to help. She shares the location to her. Sameer overhears Srishti’s conversation with Preeta. They leaves to help Preeta. Sonakshi explains her plan B to Rajeev and by executing that plan he will get money from Karan and she will become good mother in front of Luthra’s. He agrees to execute plan B.

In the upcoming episode, Rajeev and Sonakshi will see Preeta. Sonakshi will attack Preeta when the latter tried to escape. Preeta will take Sonakshi’s name which will shock Sonakshi.

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