Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Prithvi buys a bomb to kill Preeta.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi decides to ruin Preeta’s dream for ruining his two years hard work. Karan apologizes to Preeta and he thanks her for handling Mahesh. Then he treats her injury and leaves from there. She cries saying that she can’t show her real emotions to him, but to achieve her goal she need to control her emotions. Other side, Kareena defends Prithvi’s actions and she blames Preeta in front of Luthra ladies. Prithvi hears that and he acts like he feels sorry for his actions and asks them to not misunderstand him because he did everything to protect Luthra industries. He says that he was fond of Mahesh since beginning and even Mahesh likes him that’s why he transferred all the properties on his name but later Preeta took advantage of Mahesh’s kindness. He badmouths about Preeta. Rakhi tells him that she won’t hear a word against Preeta. So Kareena argues with her saying that she won’t hear a word against Prithvi. Prithvi asks them to not fight for him.

Next day, Preeta wakes Karan up and she sends him for cricket practice. She asks Girish to cut the power supply except Mahesh’s room. Then she prepares breakfast and tea for everyone. After some time, Girish tells Preeta that everyone gathered in the hall and they are angry. Luthra’s discusses about electricity issue in the hall. Preeta says that if they faila to follow the rules then she will cut the power supply to their rooms again. She orders them to reach the dining table at 8am for breakfast. Later, Karan could not take bath because of no water supply and Preeta pours water on his face to help him. He understands that she is behind the water issue and he pours water on her. She slips and falls on him. They shares an eye lock and she leaves the washroom. She tells herself that she should make Karan believe that she changed now and should focus on her goal.

Natasha thanks Karan for dancing with her. She tells him that she likes him. He tells her that he got close to her to make Preeta feel jealous and he apologizes to her for not informing her. She says that she will help him and they acts in front of Preeta. Other side, Prithvi meets a mechanic Shambhu and he asks him to make a bomb and put it inside coconut. Later, Luthra’s welcomes the guests. Rakhi brings Mahesh to the lohri celebration venue and he stays silent without speaking to anyone. Karan tells Natasha that their plan of making Preeta feel jealous working. Mahesh wishes happy lohri to Preeta. She also wishes him back. Then he compliments her and blesses her. Everyone gets surprised seeing Mahesh’s behaviour towards Preeta. Sherlyn learns that Prithvi shifted to Kritika’s room. Prithvi learns that Shambhu needs more time to make the bomb. Karan compliments Preeta. She asks him to not flirt with her. He tells her that she likes it but acts like she doesn’t like it. He says that his closeness affects her too and leaves from there.

Preeta gets pissed off seeing Karan with Natasha. Natasha asks Karan that what would have happened if he met her before Preeta then. He makes an excuse and leaves from there without answering her question. Srishti and Janki comes there. Preeta tells them that Mahesh behaved like a normal person with her. Natasha sees Prithvi hugging Kritika. So Kritika tells Natasha that now everything is fine between her and Prithvi. Natasha warns Sherlyn about Prithvi and Kritika’s closeness. Kareena asks Srishti and Janki to not create any drama today because after long time Mahesh came out for celebration. Srishti goes to Mahesh and wishes happy lohri to him. He asks for ‘dhol’. Karan comes there playing ‘dhol’ so Mahesh goes to him and dances. Then others joins him for dance.

Sherlyn asks Natasha about the plan. Natasha tells her that their plan flopped so now she is working on her plan B. She says that Karan asked her help to make Preeta feel jealous but she will create misunderstandings between them and Preeta will start doubting Karan and that’s enough to ruin their relationship. She informs her that she even has plan C and it will help her to marry Karan. Meanwhile, Karan teases Preeta for feeling jealous seeing him with Natasha. She denies him. He calls her as hitler which irritates her. She complaints about Karan to Janki and Srishti. Srishti asks Preeta to control her emotions because her facial expressions telling everything. Sameer tries to talk to Srishti but she ignores him.

Prithvi wonders that when Shambhu will come with bomb. Srishti taunts him. He tells her that she is talking like this because of her frustration that she could not do anything against him. She reminds him that they only send him to jail. She warns him to stay away from Preeta. He asks her to behave well with him otherwise she will regret. Later, Srishti meets Karan and tells him that she missed him so much. He asks her to join his team and not forget that she is still his hardcore fan. He requests her to talk to Sameer but she refuses. Shambhu comes there and gives the coconut bomb to Prithvi. He shows the mark to him to identity their coconut. Prithvi keeps the coconut bomb in the puja plate and he doesn’t let anyone take that plate. He tells Sherlyn about his plan. Then he stops Srishti from taking the plate.

In the upcoming episode, Priest will ask Luthra’s to begin the puja after 30 minutes. So Prithvi will suggest to play game for timepass. And Natasha will divide them into two teams and she will make Prithvi and Preeta as captains.

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