Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Raja and Prithvi prepares to attack Luthras.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta collides with Prithvi then she leaves from there, without seeing his face. Disguises Prithvi notices that Preeta crying. He wonders that who made Preeta cry. He decides to find out Preeta’s enemy.

Preeta enters her room and cries recalling how Arjun danced with her the way Karan used to dance with her. Prithvi notices vermilion on Srishti’s forehead. Srishti scolds him for staring her. He wonders that who married her. Preeta wipes her tears seeing Srishti. Srishti asks her to not hide the emotions from her. She asks her if Arjun did something again.

Preeta tells her that she feels Karan’s presence whenever Arjun is around her. She cries saying that she is missing Karan so much. Arjun overhears their conversation. He thinks that Preeta don’t miss Karan but she is ashamed of herself for killing Karan.

Anjali comes there and she takes him from there. She tells him that he still has feelings for Preeta and his emotions started controlling his mind. He tells her that he hate Preeta. He says that he felt happy seeing Preeta crying.

She tells him that he danced with Preeta as Karan. She says that she saw love for Preeta in his eyes. Beeji advices Preeta to not hurt Rishabh’s feelings because he is Preeta’s husband now.

Preeta dances with Rishabh. Arjun and Prithvi gets angry seeing that. Dadi’s friend Surekha asks Rishabh and Preeta to exchange ‘varmala’. Rishabh and Preeta exchanges varmala. Everyone claps.

Arjun gets drunk and he goes upstairs. Anjali follows him. He tells her that he love Preeta and he want to keep Preeta with him always. He says that he is incomplete without Preeta. She reminds him that he said that he hate Preeta.

He tells her that he speaks truth only when he is drunk. She tells him that she can’t handle him and leaves from there. He goes to Preeta’s room. Preeta comes out of the washroom. He proposes her. She tells him that she is Rishabh’s wife and it’s her marriage anniversary party.

He tells her that they can celebrate their marriage anniversary next year. He tries to marry her so she pushes him. He passes out. Anjali apologizes to Preeta and she says that Arjun proposes everyone in his drunk state.

Later, Arjun wakes up. Anjali reminses of Arjun’s actions. He asks her about Preeta’s reaction to his proposal. She tells him everything. Raja asks Prithvi that why the latter want to ruin Rishabh’s party. Prithvi lies that he and Rishabh were business partners and Rishabh betrayed him.

Vishnu distributes gun to everyone on Raja’s behest. Rishabh asks Preeta that what happened. Preeta tries to say something but stops after seeing Arjun and Anjali. Arjun tells Rishabh that he got drunk and he went to Preeta’s room. Kareena takes them for cake cutting.

Sherlyn drags Prithvi to a room. He gets surprised seeing her there. He introduces Sherlyn to Raja and others. Arjun is about to fall and Preeta hold his hand. He thanks her. She tells him that she expected a sorry from him. He asks her to not take his proposal seriously.

Prithvi meets Kavya. He tells Sherlyn that Kavya is Karan and Preeta’s daughter. Beeji asks Srishti to bring the cake. Arjun tells Anjali that how Preeta saved him. They sees Preeta with Rishabh. She tells him that Preeta would have thought Rishabh is good person that’s why she would have married him.

He says that Preeta married Rishabh for money. He adds that he can see love for Rishabh in Preeta’s eyes. She tells him that Preeta is comfortable with Rishabh.

Srishti comes there. She makes Arjun say that they are like family members. She takes him to the kitchen. Raja questions Sherlyn and Prithvi. Sherlyn reveals that Rishabh is her ex husband. She says that she know where lockers placed so she will steal the money.

She explains her plan to them. She says that she is going to Rakhi’s room and leaves from there. Bunty follows her. Arjun tells Srishti that maybe Preeta loved Rishabh but married Karan. Srishti tells him that he has no idea that how much Preeta suffered so he should not judge her.

Anjali asks Preeta that if it was love at first sight. Preeta tells her that it was respect at first sight. She says that she is not understanding that how Anjali working for Arjun. Anjali tells her that she is happy with her job. Sherlyn sneak into Rakhi’s room. She searches money but finds nothing.

In the kitchen, Srishti tells Arjun to pick the cake. She brings the trolley. He drops the cake deliberately. He apologizes to her. Anjali says that she will arrange new cake. Srishti thanks her.

Taapsee Pannu meets Luthra family. She misunderstands Arjun and Preeta as couple and praises their jodi. Rishabh clears her misunderstanding. She apologizes to them. Rishabh and Preeta cut the cake. They feed cake to their family.

Taapsee notices Arjun glancing Preeta. She tells Preeta that she felt like someone returned in the latter’s life. She asks her to be careful. Bunty finds jewels in Rakhi’s room. He and Sherlyn hides hearing footsteps. Rakhi enters the room. She notices the cupboard which is open and she closes it. Srishti takes her from there.

Arjun asks Preeta that why she did not feed cake Rishabh first. He says that he can understand that it’s been five years to their marriage. She asks him that why he did not marry yet. She tells him that he is weird. Raja informs Prithvi that he want to fix phone jammers.

Anjali stops Arjun from drinking. He tells her that she is trying to become his boss. She tells him that he is trying to become Karan. He tells her that he need not to try that. She tells him to stay as Arjun because Arjun don’t love Preeta. He sees Preeta smiling with Rishabh. He asks that why she snatched his happiness.

In the upcoming episode, Preeta and Arjun will discuss about saving others. Later, Prithvi will threaten to kill Preeta, if Luthras don’t listen him then.

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