Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Sonakshi deceives Luthra’s.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Sonakshi pleads Luthra’s to give Pihu to her because Pihu is her everything now. Preeta tells her that she will die without Pihu because Pihu is her life. Sonakshi says to her that the latter has Karan and her family’s support but she has no one except Pihu. Pihu comes there and runs towards Preeta. Preeta picks her and asks her that what happened. Pihu tells her that she wants hug. Preeta hugs her tightly. Sonakshi tells them that Pihu loves Preeta so much and pleads them to let her hug Pihu once. Karan refuses to give permission for that. Kareena throws her out of the house. Preeta decides to give permission to Sonakshi and comes outside to stop her. But Sonakshi meets with an accident. So Karan and Preeta admits Sonakshi in the hospital. Kritika stays with Pihu in the house and others leaves for hospital.

Doctor informs Luthra’s that Sonakshi’s condition is critical. Sherlyn calls Prithvi and informs him about Sonakshi’s condition. He tells her that Yash won’t leave Luthra’s if Sonakshi died then. He says to her that seems like Sonakshi loves Karan but Karan has no idea about it. Nurse informs Luthra’s that Sonakshi lost lot of blood and they don’t have blood in their blood bank. Karan arranges blood for Sonakshi and he informs about it to Luthra’s. He tells them that, they should leave the hospital now. Kareena agrees with him and tells that they did so much for Sonakshi already. She asks Preeta to not feel guilty. Sarla tells Preeta that it was just an accident so no one is responsible for Sonakshi’s condition. Doctor informs them that Sonakshi want to talk to Preeta alone. Preeta meets Sonakshi and consoles her. Sonakshi asks her to not inform Yash about an accident and she will stay in the hotel.

Karan and Rakhi assures Sarla that they will take care of Preeta. Preeta comes out of the room and asks Karan to proceed Sonakshi’s discharge. She informs them that Sonakshi don’t want to inform anything to Yash. She suggests to take Sonakshi to Luthra house. Everyone opposes her. Rakhi gives permission to Preeta. Preeta thanks her and assures others that they won’t face any problem because of Sonakshi. Later Preeta helps Sonakshi to lay on the bed. Then Sherlyn attempts to know about Sonakshi’s intention. Sonakshi tells her that she will protect Preeta from the latter’s attacks because Preeta is like her sister. Sherlyn leaves from there.

Karan learns about Rishabh’s return and he informs about it to Preeta. Pihu asks that why she don’t have any elder brother and tells them that her friend’s mother gave baby to her friend so she wants baby too. Meanwhile Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Sonakshi acting for sure. He refuses to believe her. She informs him about Rishabh’s return so he goes to steal Luthra’s business papers. Rakhi tells Preeta that they should buy silver Lord Ganesh idol to give to the guests. Luthra’s plays with Pihu. Sonakshi hears their voice from her room and she talks about Pihu to her Nurse. Kareena informs Rakhi about Pihu’s Nanny. Preeta tells her that she can handle Pihu so they don’t need Nanny. Rakhi convinces her to hire a Nanny for Pihu.

Next day, Pihu meets Sonakshi and talks to her. Karan comes there. Pihu runs from there. Sonakshi thanks Karan for letting her stay in Luthra house. He tells her that he don’t want her to stay here and leaves the room. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Sonakshi won’t leave for London. He tells her that Sonakshi is in Luthra house because of Preeta and he asks her to not imagine this much because not everyone is Preeta and Karan’s enemy. She tells him that he will see Sonakshi’s true colors soon. Karan and Sameer plays to get chocolate from Pihu. Karan loses it but he refuses to accept that. He snatches Sameer’s chocolate. Luthra’s laughs at their childish behavior. Pihu goes to bring another chocolate for Sameer.

Yash brings Police to arrest Karan. Police inspector tells Karan that he came to arrest him for kidnapping Sonakshi. Mahesh asks Yash that how the latter got to know that Sonakshi stays in Luthra house. Yash tells him that he traced Sonakshi’s mobile location because she didn’t pick the call. Kareena informs Police inspector about Sonakshi’s accident and explains him everything. Yash refuses to believe her. Sonakshi comes there and defends Luthra’s. Yash asks her to give complaint against Karan and Preeta. But she refuses to lie so he cuts off all ties with her and leaves from there. Preeta tells Sonakshi that the latter can stay in Luthra house until she recovers completely. Karan and Kareena opposes her. But Dadi supports Preeta. Kritika calls Srishti and informs her everything.

Karan tells Preeta to not get attached to Sonakshi because Sonakshi is not a good person and also everything happening because of Sonakshi only. Prithvi places a kiss on Sherlyn’s cheek. She asks him to not disturb her because she is thinking about Sonakshi. He tells her that not everyone is bad girl like the latter and she glares him. She tells him that Sonakshi is not innocent like how she portrays herself. He gets pissed off and leaves from there. Meanwhile Preeta tells Karan that Yash cut off all ties with Sonakshi because of them. She blames herself for Sonakshi’s accident. He assures her that it was not her mistake and asks her to stop thinking that she is responsible for Sonakshi’s accident. Then he pleads her to stop discussing about Sonakshi and he hugs her. Sonakshi breaks Karan and Preeta’s photo frame.

Srishti asks Sarla’s opinion about Sonakshi. Sarla tells her that she felt Sonakshi’s tears were fake for Pihu. Pihu returns from school and gives balloon to Preeta saying that Sonakshi gave it to her. Sherlyn taunts Sonakshi and demands the truth from her. Sonakshi tells her that she saved Karan for Preeta. Sherlyn refuses to believe her. Sonakshi disconnects Yash’s call and leaves from there in her wheelchair. Later Sonakshi meets Yash. He tells her that he hates to see her in the wheelchair. She tells him that, because of this act only she is getting sympathy from Luthra’s. He recalls that how Sonakshi yelled at him for lying to her about her daughter. She tries to commit suicide and he stops her. She tells him that she wants Karan because she loves him. He promises to help her to get Karan.

He comes to reality and warns her to be careful with Preeta. She tells him that she is not afraid of Preeta but Sherlyn is dangerous. She thanks him for the accident plan. She says to him that she will get Karan by staying in that house. Meanwhile Rishabh returns to Luthra house and he meets Pihu. Everyone gets happy seeing him. They discuss about Ganesh Utsav preparations. Rishabh congratulates Preeta for becoming a mother. Karan tells him that the latter didn’t congratulate him. Rishabh takes him from there. Sherlyn notices that Sonakshi is missing in her room. Sonakshi comes out of the washroom and thinks that through washroom window she can go out easily without anyone’s knowledge.

In the upcoming episode, Luthra’s will celebrate Ganesh Utsav.

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