Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Sonakshi decides to take Preeta’s place in Karan’s life.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Kritika tells Prithvi that now her family suffering because of him and how can he betray her family. He defends himself. She blames herself for marrying him going against her family. He tells her that he is really powerful person so if he wants, he can escape easily but he won’t do that because he really loves her. She acts like she trust him and ready to escape with him. She learns about his escape plan and writes that in chit and throws it out of the room. Preeta gets the chit and catches Prithvi. He realizes that Kritika betrayed him and loses his control. He attacks Sameer and yells at Luthra’s and tries to escape but Police arrests him.

Next day, Sandeep gives statement in Rishabh’s favor and court releases  Rishabh. Karan returns and he meets Rishabh and Preeta. In the jail, Prithvi tells himself that Preeta did wrong with him and now he don’t love her and his goal is destroying her life. Other side, Preeta talks to Sherlyn about giving second chance to her. Sherlyn tells her that Prithvi is her past and she want to move on with Rishabh. Preeta asks her to return to Luthra house forgetting Prithvi and the latter should lead a happy life with Rishabh.

Karan asks Preeta about the conversation she had with Sherlyn. She hesitates to reply so he tells her that if she don’t want to share then she need not to say anything. Then they expresses that how much they missed each other. Next day, Luthra’s begins Diwali preparations. Preeta decides to make rangoli. She sees Sherlyn entering the house and recalls that what she said to her. Sherlyn wishes Preeta and others. She apologizes to Rishabh for not visiting him in jail and she is happy with his release. He asks her about Sanjana and the latter informs him that Sanjana is fine.

After some time, Rishabh notices Sherlyn talking to Lawyer so he asks her that was she talking about Prithvi’s case. She lies to him that she don’t want Prithvi to get out of jail that’s why she was consulting the Lawyer. She thinks that Prithvi needs her help and decides to meet him. Srishti helps Preeta to make rangoli. Sonakshi steps on the rangoli and tells Pihu that she missed her so much. Pihu tells her that she didn’t miss her and she point out that the latter destroyed the rangoli. Sonakshi apologizes to Preeta saying that she didn’t notice it. She thinks that soon she will take Preeta’s place in this house. Karan gifts new dress to Preeta and he asks her about return gift. She tells him that she didn’t buy anything for him. He places a kiss on her cheek saying that this is his return gift. Sonakshi sees everything and she exchanges Karan’s gift without anyone’s knowledge.

Rishabh sends Srishti and Sameer for shopping. He finds out that Sherlyn is not in the house. Srishti fights with Sameer for arguing with her in front of everyone. Sameer sees Sherlyn in the Police station road and he informs about it to Rishabh. Sherlyn meets Prithvi and motivates him. He tells her that he hates Preeta so much now and because of her only he is behind the bars. Karan tells Preeta that it would be difficult for him to live without her. She tells him that, that situation won’t come and hugs him. Pihu tries to stop Sonakshi from entering the toy room. But Sonakshi barges into the room to disturb Karan and Preeta and apologizes to them. Rishabh leaves to visit Prithvi.

Sherlyn informs Prithvi that Preeta made Sanjana lie about her heart attack. She tells him that she will get him out of jail for sure. Rishabh visits Prithvi to confirm that Sherlyn met him or not. Prithvi tries to provoke him and the latter informs him that the former can’t affect him by using these cheap mind games. Other side, Luthra’s compliments Pihu and Kareena complains about Pihu’s dress to Dadi. Later, Rishabh confronts Sherlyn. She lies to him that she didn’t visit Prithvi but went to stitch her blouse and gives the receipt to him. Kritika removes her nuptial chain and cries recalling the Prithvi matter. Sonakshi wears Karan’s gift. Karan assumes her as Preeta and backhugs her.

He gets shocks seeing Sonakshi wearing his gift. She asks him that why he hugged her. He tells her that he assumed her as Preeta and apologizes to her. Then he notices that Preeta wearing different dress. Preeta also notices him and wonders that why he seems upset when she wore his gift. Sonakshi sees them and smriks thinking that she knows that why Karan is upset with Preeta. Preeta is about move towards Karan but Sonakshi stops her and asks her that how is she looking. Preeta compliments her and tells her that looks like this dress made for her only. Karan wonders that why she is saying like this and it’s looks like she is insulting his gift. Sonakshi thanks Preeta for gifting this dress and Karan hears it and leaves from there. Preeta tells her that she didn’t gift it. Sonakshi nods at her.

Pihu tells Rishabh that she is going to play with firecracker. Rishabh and Karan asks her to not play alone because she is kid. She tells them that she is not kid and she complaints about them to Kritika. Kritika defends her saying that Pihu is big girl and also smart. She blames herself saying that Prithvi entered the house because of her and apologizes to her family. Preeta tells her that it was not the latter’s mistake in fact wrong happened with her. Rishabh and Karan blames themselves for not protecting Kritika from Prithvi. Preeta asks them to forget the past.

Luthra’s performs puja. Sonakshi is about to join Karan but Preeta stops her saying that only she can join him as his wife and moves towards him. Sonakshi thinks that today Preeta hurted her and soon she will take her place. Later, Preeta asks Karan that why he seemed upset and he didn’t even compliment her. He tells her that she always looks pretty for him. Sonakshi stops Pihu from changing the dress and gives firecrackers to her and lies that Preeta asked to gave it to her. Kareena notices Kritika and feels bad for her. Karan and Rishabh consoles her.

In the upcoming episode, Preeta will tell Karan that life is short and they should live fully so that they don’t regret in the future.

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