Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Sonakshi gives fake report to Preeta.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Pihu goes outside with firecrackers and Sonakshi follows her. Srishti avoids Sameer so he asks her to talk to him. She reveals that she was just acting to get attention from him. He is about to leave in anger but she backhugs him which surprises him. She gets shy and leaves from there. Preeta is about to see Pihu’s firecrackers but Sonakshi interrupts them and sends Preeta from there.

Preeta asks Karan to live the life fully without any regret because life is too short and anything can happen in the future. He gets angry hearing her so she hugs him. He tells her that now he is not angry and they smiles at each other. Sonakshi witnesses that and throws firecracker near Pihu in anger. Pihu screams for help and Luthra’s saves her and takes her inside. After some time, Doctor treats Pihu’s injury and tells Luthra’s that she is completely fine. Sonakshi acts like only she cares about Pihu and shows her fake injury to Luthra’s.

Rakhi thanks Sonakshi for saving Pihu. Dadi scolds Preeta for not taking care of Pihu. Kareena tells Preeta that the latter failed as a mother today. Karan defends Preeta and tells that he didn’t saw Sonakshi saving Pihu. Dadi scolds him and praises Sonakshi. In the room, Preeta cries recalling Pihu’s scream. Karan consoles her saying that she is really a good mother. Prithvi tries to get mobile from Constable to talk to Sherlyn but fails in his attempt. Sherlyn visits him and feeds sweet to him and wishes ‘Happy Diwali’ to him. She informs him that what all happened with Pihu and Preeta. He gets happy after hearing her and tells her that Preeta deserved that. Sonakshi records them without their knowledge and smirks.

Preeta apologizes to the sleeping Pihu and she faints. Karan picks her and takes her from there. Sherlyn notices that and thinks that Sonakshi must be responsible for Preeta’s condition and goes inside saying that she don’t care about it. Karan asks Sonakshi to drive the car fastly. Preeta regains her consciousness and takes Pihu’s name. He tells her that he is taking her to hospital because she fainted. She tells him that she is fine and she would have fainted because of weakness so she want to go home. He tells her that they are going to hospital that’s it.

Later, Doctor informs them that Preeta’s symptoms are pregnancy ones too so she will take pregnancy test too and tomorrow they will get their report. Other side, Rishabh notices that Lawyer Mehta calling Sherlyn. Sonakshi mixes pill in Preeta’s milk and gives it to her. She gets angry recalling Doctor’s words. She tells herself that if Preeta received her report then she will get to know that she can get pregnant which should not happen no matter what.

Other side, Karan sees Preeta sleeping with Pihu and he lays beside her on the bed. Sonakshi sees that and leaves from there in anger. Rishabh and Kareena tries to make Kritika feel normal. Kritika tells them to not try hard and she is fine because Prithvi was not a great guy. She says to Luthra ladies that they should not have behaved in that way to Preeta yesterday because Preeta loves Pihu the most even though Sonakshi gave birth to Pihu. Kareena defends herself. Rakhi goes to Preeta’s room and talks about yesterday’s incident. Preeta tells her that their behaviour proved that how much they cares about Pihu so she feels that even if she is not there they will take care of Pihu very well.

Later, Preeta arranges everything for new year party. Karan informs Preeta that her report may reach anytime. Sonakshi hears that and she notices the courier guy and she takes Preeta’s report from him. Courier guy tells her that, that’s Preeta’s courier. Rishabh hears that and he takes Preeta’s courier from Sonakshi. Sonakshi thinks that if Preeta got to know that she can get pregnant then she can’t enter into Karan’s life and she decides to steal the report from Rishabh. She stops Karan from going to Rishabh. Karan goes to Pihu’s room and Preeta follows him. He teasingly asks Preeta to not get jealous because the latter is his life. She tells him that Pihu should be his life and asks about courier guy.

Sonakshi steals Preeta’s report from Rishabh and she collids with Preeta while moving towards her room. She tells her that Rishabh searching her to give report. Preeta asks Rishabh about her report and he realises that he lost it. They starts searching it. Shrelyn tells Sonakshi that she saw her stealing Preeta’s report from Rishabh and asks that what the latter planning to do with it. She shows the videos of Sonakshi mixing pill in Preeta’s milk and also stealing Preeta’s report from Rishabh’s pocket. Sonakshi reveals that Preeta can get pregnant and she made her Doctor friend to lie about Preeta’s report.

She says to her that Kareena flopped her plan by suggesting adoption to Preeta and Karan. She tells her that she is giving pill to Preeta daily so she can’t conceive. And now she can’t let Preeta get her original report otherwise she will lose Karan. Preeta asks about her report to Sonakshi so the latter gives the fake report to the former. Karan and Rishabh asks Rakhi about courier. She tells them that she has no idea about it. Karan notices an envelope in Preeta’s hand and he informs Rishabh that Preeta got her courier and he follows her.

Sonakshi shows the video of Sherlyn meeting Prithvi in jail to Sherlyn and threatens to expose her if the latter showed her videos to Luthra’s then. Sherlyn tells her that she won’t go against her. Preeta tells Karan that she expected that report will say that she can get pregnant. He tells her that they are Pihu’s parents and from now on they won’t talk about her pregnancy. Next day, Karan gets surprised seeing Sherlyn’s care towards Rishabh. Preeta tells Rishabh that she saw love in Sherlyn’s eyes for him and he agrees with her.

In the upcoming episode, Rishabh will hear when Sherlyn talk to Lawyer about Prithvi’s bail. He will follow her to expose her. Other side, Karan will talk to Preeta about their love and marriage journey.

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