Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th May 2021 Written Update: Samaira celebrates Kuldeep’s birthday

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th May April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shubhra giving fees to Dr. Harsh and ask him to stop his therapy for a while. She states that she will soon resume Rishi’s sessions, while Harsh looks at her being confused. He ask her for the reason but she avoids to answer it. He understands that she is having financial issues and thinks about helping her. He returns the money to Shubhra stating that he takes fees only after completing his treatment. At that time Rishi spots him and excitedly comes there. He gets elated seeing him and considers Harsh to be his close friend along with God and Shubhra. Shubhra stays hesitant but seeing Rishi’s happiness, she lets Harsh inside her house. Harsh assures Shubhra that he will soon leave after completing his sessions with Rishi. He gives the things which he brought for Rishi to Shubhra and goes inside. Meanwhile, Rishi ask Shubhra to make shakes for both of them.

Rishi enjoys Harsh’s company and both mingles with one another. Shubhra gives them shakes to drink and gets relieved seeing Rishi’s behaviour. She adores their bond and smiles being contented. Further, Harsh sees Shubhra’s jewellery sketches and Rishi notify about her talent. Harsh goes towards Shubhra along with Rishi and tells her about his friend Nikhil who gives oppertunity to artists. He gives his contact number to Shubhra in order to get her some help. She accepts it while Harsh goes from there.

Rishi forces her to call on the number, whereas she makes some excuses. She states that she will call later but Rishi reminds her about her own words and makes her call Nikhil. She talks about the jewellery exhibition while they ask her to come within 2 hours. Rishi gets excited and says that he will accompany her.

Here, Kuldeep wakes up and gets mesmerised seeing the decoration. He finds Samaira’s note and spots her in between the several balloons. He holds her stating that she is the best gift of his life. Both gets close to one another”Tu Mere Baahon Mein Duniya Bhula De plays.” Ahead, Kuldeep sees his birthday cakes from Roli, Samaira and Chandrani. He gets elated and cuts the cake along with Roli, Phirki and Samaira. Meanwhile, Samaira ask if he haven’t ever celebrated his birthday like this? To which he remembers his previous birthdays where Rishi and Roli use to shower him with love. His eyes shines with happiness remembering the flashback. At that time Chandrani comes there and takes Kuldeep’s Aarti. She determines herself to get Shubhra and Kuldeep together. Kuldeep hugs her being emotional while Samaira takes her blessings.

Further, Kuldeep cuts the cake and feeds Samaira. She then gives him a huge bouquet. Phirki gets dumbfounded seeing it. Chandrani stares at them and says that she won’t let Kuldeep and Roli get blind in Samaira’s fame. She mutters that Kuldeep is lost that he doesn’t even realise that Rishi and Shubhra haven’t wishes him yet.

Elsewhere, Shubhra insists Rishi to wish Kuldeep but he tries to delay it. She holds him and makes him understand. She says that he behaves same as Kuldeep, to which he replies that he is like her and not like his father. Shubhra agrees to him and makes him call Kuldeep.

Chandrani gets excited seeing Shubhra’s video call. She informs about it to Kuldeep. He gets elated seeing Rishi, whereas Chandrani ask if Shubhra won’t wish Kuldeep? Shubhra ask Chandrani to wish him from her side. Kuldeep gets hurt hearing her and Chandrani notices it. Ahead, Rishi half-heartedly wishes Kuldeep and cuts the call. Chandrani confronts Kuldeep and says that she can understand his feelings. He tries to mask his expression while she states that she knows he is hurt that Shubhra didn’t wished him. Samaira looks at them, while Roli spends her time with her.

The end.

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