Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th April 2021 Written Update: Kuldeep apologises to Shubhra in an intoxicated state

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Samaira getting furious at Chandrani. She gets into thinking of how to prohibit Chandrani from Spoiling her plan. She states that she needs to get close to Roli, in order to win Kuldeep. At that time, Kuldeep gets inside their room in an intoxicated state. He back hugs Samaira while she smirks and gets close to him. She makes him lay on the bed and closes the door.

Here, Shubhra helps Rishi to learn the tables. Rishi appreciates her for the help. Further, Sanjana comes there with a broken necklace. She ask for Shubhra’s help, whereas Shubhra looks at her dress and immediately makes a new necklace for her. Sanjana gets elated seeing the necklace and appreciates Shubhra for her creativity. Later, Madhura and Rishi insists Shubhra to work in a jewellery shop. She tries to deny them, but they encourages her and makes her agree for it. Madhura boost Shubhra with confidence and ask her to have faith on herself.

Elsewhere, Samaira gets close to Kuldeep. He hugs her and keeps apologising her. She smiles and forgives her for spending less time with her. He embraces her tightly and again apologizes, imagining her to be Shubhra. He expresses his guilt about slapping Rishi. Samaira gets angry and ask him to stop. She closes his mouth resisting him from taking Shubhra’s name.

Meanwhile, Chandrani smiles hearing their conversation through phone. She says that Kuldeep blurts out truth in intoxicated state. She imagines her husband and shares her happiness with him. He encourages her for her motive, while she decides to send Kuldeep along with Roli to Pune. Roli gets up hearing her voice and ask with whom is she taking? To which Chandrani smiles and pats her to make her sleep again.

Here, some kids troubles Rishi. They mocks him and Shubhra, while he gets furious and starts beating the kid for ill-talking about his mother. Everyone tries to stop Rishi, whereas Shubhra gets shocked witnessing the scenario. She stands in front of Rishi making him hault. He hugs her, while she takes him inside.

Samaira remembers Kuldeep’s confession and keeps staring at him. He gets up and looks at her. She comes close to him while he holds his head stating that he doesn’t remember anything. She hugs him and lies about his love confession to her. He feels uncomfortable and goes away, whereas she smirks looking at him.

Ahead, the kid’s mother blames Shubhra for spoiling Rishi. She mocks at Shubhra and complains against her. She ask the secretary to call for an urgent meeting. Rishi gets worried and looks at Shubhra, whereas she assures him and states that she won’t let anything happen to him.

Episode ends.

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