Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th September 2021 Written Update: Rishi and Roli plans to celebrate Sadashiv’s birthday

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sadashiv falling down on the floor and shouts for help. Samaira comes there and smirks looking at him. She reveals herself making him shocked. She states that she have already made Madhura fallen into deep sleep. She comes towards him, while he questions that why is she doing it? To which she replies that after their death Kuldeep will come back to her. She takes a pillow and strangles him. She kills him, while Phirki comes there telling him that he is dead and takes her away. Meanwhile, Samaira clicks his picture.

Here, Kuldeep and Shubhra along with their kids comes to suprise Sadashiv for his birthday. They calls their name but didn’t get any response. Shubhra feels suspicious but tries to find them. They starts searching for Sadashiv and Madhura, while Shubhra gets shocked seeing his state. She rushes towards him and ask to wake up. Rishi and Roli also tries to wake him up. Kuldeep checks his pulse and gets dumbstruck seeing him dead. She notify it to Shubhra, while she ask him to check on Madhura.

Kuldeep makes Rishi and Roli sit on the sofa and calms them. Roli gets scared, whereas Rishi assures her. Kuldeep checks on Madhura and found her in deep sleep. He rushes downstairs hearing Shubhra’s breakdown and embraces her. She keeps screaming and cries for her father’s death.

Elsewhere, Shubhra goes upstairs and wake Madhura up. She apprises him about Sadashiv’s death and latter gets shattered. She gets numb seeing her husband’s dead body, while Shubhra embraces her. Meanwhile, Chandrani makes a greeting card for Sadashiv’s birthday. At that time she gets a call from Kuldeep, who informs her about Sadashiv’s death making her shocked.

Samaira smirks and celebrates Sadashiv’s death. She drinks alcohol, while Phirki comes there and shows her shopping bags to Samaira which she purchased from the money latter have given her. Samaira laughs and gives her watch to Phirki or being impressed by her work.

Ahead, Shubhra cries remembering Sadashiv and gets flashes of her moments with him “Dum Dukhta Hai plays.” Kuldeep also remembers his moments with Sadashiv and stays numb. Madhura breaksdown, while Roli ask that when her grandfather will come back? To which Kuldeep replies that he have gone to God and will never return back.

Shubhra puts Sadashiv’s potrait and adorn it with garland. Kuldeep looks ta her devastated state. Madhura also breaksdown remembering her moments with her husband. Chandrani sends food to Madhura’s house through Vitthal.

Further, Chandrani cries seeing Sadashiv’s potrait and says that he have gone too soon. She reminds him about his promise to see his grandchildrens growing up. Kuldeep feeds Rishi and Roli, while they also misses their grandfather. They gets flashes of the fun they had with him and gets emotional. Kuldeep made them eat, while Roli goes towards Shubhra and somehow able to feed her.

The end.

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