Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th June 2021 Written Update: Shubhra gets concerned for Rishi and Roli

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shubhra complaining about her room’s issues to the staff. She was about to go back to her room, when she spots Kuldeep sleeping in the lobby. She sees him shivering due to cold and puts his jacket upon himself. She turns to leave but Kuldeep holds her hand. He stands up and smiles feeling her care. She burst his bubbles by stating that she would have helped even a stranger. His face falls but then he comes towards her and apologises for his mistakes. He insists her to forgive him and then gives the ring which he bought for her.

Here, Samaira thinks about Kuldeep and shares her feelings with Phirki. She gets irked and plans to take revenge from Kuldeep. Phirki gives her an advice and ask her to keep Kuldeep in control.

Shubhra glares and taunts him that if the ring is magical which will make her forget all his betrayals? She says that she wants to free herself from their unwanted relationship. She reminds him that he have already moved on and questions that why he have teared the divorce papers? She asks if he will betray Samaira also just like he betrayed her? Ahead, she declares that they can’t be together as their is nothing left in between them. She goes from there, whereas Kuldeep stands their staring at her disappearing figure.

Samaira hears Kuldeep and Shubhra’s conversation. She gets furious and glares at Kuldeep. She states that Kuldeep wants Shubhra back in his life, whereas she wants him in his life. She declares that she always get what she wants and proclaims to teach Kuldeep a lesson.

Further, Narayan gets inside Rishi and Roli’s room. He starts packing their stuffs, while Madhura questions him about it. He states that they will leave from there. At that time Roli comes towards him and apologises for her mistakes. She proclaims that she will behave from now on and insists him to let them stay. He melts seeing her innocence and agrees to her demand. He states that they won’t leave today and ask Madhura to unpack the stuffs. Whereas, Madhura teases Narayan.

Samaira gets restless and keeps searching for Kuldeep. She knocks all the doors of the hotel and keeps asking for Kuldeep. Phirki tries to stop her. Samaira shows Kuldeep’s picture and ask about him from the guests. People thinks her to be drunken. She then mistakenly gets inside Chandrani’s room. Chandrani laughs seeing her condition and makes fun of her. Samaira gets irked and replies back to Chandrani. Whereas, Chandrani gives a piece of advice to Samaira and ask her to leave. She reminds her about the way Kuldeep have teared the divorce papers and closes the door in front of her face.

Further, Phirki cries seeing Samaira’s condition. Whereas, Samaira smirks stating that she won’t give up so easily. At that time they sees Harsh with Rishi and thinks about a plan.

Shubhra shares her concern regarding Rishi and Roli with her parents. She states that they both are against eachother and started fighting a lot. She gets worried for their relationship. She states that her and Kuldeep’s arguments are affecting their kids. She also says that Roli have changed a lot since when she went to Mumbai and regrets her decision of leaving Roli in Mumbai. Ahead, she gets tensed thinking about Rishi again getting into depression. Madhura comforts her and Narayan advice her to come back to Pune as Kuldeep won’t be there. Shubhra denies it stating that why they will leave? She says that if Kuldeep cares for his childrens then he should go back to Mumbai.

Elsewhere, Harsh notices Rishi’s behaviour and gets concerned. He thinks that why he is not showing anger towards Kuldeep. He faces Rishi and starts talking about his parents and their arguments. Rishi smiles stating that Harsh is intentionally talking about his parents to see whether he is angry or not. He assures Harsh that he is not furious at Kuldeep and shows gratitude towards Harsh for teaching him a way to control his anger. He hugs Harsh and ask if he will also leave him just like Kuldeep? To which Harsh stares at Rishi.

The end.

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