Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Kuldeep ask Shubhra to leave along with the kids

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kuldeep asking Shubhra to leave his house and go back to Pune, He declares that if she stays then he won’t be responsible for the kids or her while she stand against him stating that he can’t bend her this time as she will face him being the mother of her kids. She goes to her room and sees Roli and Rishi sleeping ( Chanda Aana song plays) She caresses kids hair when they wakes up. Roli apologized to Shubhra for her behaviour and gets tensed about Kuldeep being mad at her, To which Shubhra consoles her telling that she have convinced Kuldeep and he have already forgiven her. Rishi and Roli hugs her being happy.

Kuldeep remembers Roli’s breakdown and thinks about it sitting on the stairs when Samaira comes there and smirks thinking about the way Kuldeep behaved with Shubhra. She sits besides him and shows her fake concern. She says that they are made for eachother and today even Shubhra must have understood it. She ask him to enjoy his life and shows him dreams about achieving his success. She holds his face and ask him to look into her eyes, They were about to kiss when Phirki comes there. Samaira shouts at her being irked while Kuldeep excused himself saying that he is tired.

Shubhra couldn’t able to sleep and imagines Chandrani there. She gets out of the bed and sits beside Chandrani. She smiles pouring her heart out saying that she have finally stood against Kuldeep and is happy to see this change in herself. She gives credit to Chandrani for boosting confidence in her while Chandrani encourages her. Shubhra keeps her head in Chandrani’s lap and says that Kuldeep have always manipulated her and kids easily but from now on he will face a new version of her. She shares the pain which she felt when Kuldeep asked her to go, She says how it hurted her self respect.

Chandrani ask Shubhra that does she accepted Kuldeep when he proposed her first time only? To which she nods negatively. Chandrani says then why is she agreeing to him now? Shubhra looks at her while chaandrani says that Kuldeep needs them as much as they need him. She makes Shubhra understand that she needs to fight with Samaira, She motivates her and makes her smile.

Phirki complains about Shubhra to Samaira making her angry. She tells about how Shubhra treats her like a maid and provokes Samaira saying that it looks like Shubhra is the owner of this house. Samaira glares at Phirki and ask her to go to the kids room. She then smirks thinking about a plan.

Samaira goes inside her room and finds Kuldeep standing near the window. She back hugs him and appreciates him for the way he clearified things with Shubhra. She declares that one must cuts all his ties to move on in life and the person who can do this are the strongest. She says that she loves him and will let him achieve all his dreams while he smiles. She ask him to celebrate this moment while Kuldeep takes out Shubhra’s photograph and throws it, He then takes out Rishi and Roli’s photo and caresses it lovingly. Samaira shows her fake love towards the kids while he adores her. She says that she wants the kids to see him as their role model and goes near him stating that it will always be him in her heart.

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