Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Shubhra gifts a ring to Chandrani

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rishi instructing the photographer to take best quality pictures of his mother’s jewellery collection. Shubhra and Harsh discuss about their plan, while she appreciates him for his idea. Harsh wears a ring and acts as if it gets stuck in his finger. He calls for help while Shubhra’s parents and Chandrani acts according to the plan and comes to help him. They tries to remove it but couldn’t able to. At that time Shubhra comes there and applies cream on his hand and removes the ring. She then makes him wear it showing as if she is checking whether it’s fitting him or not.

The photographer clicks their pictures and it looks like Shubhra and Harsh are getting engaged. He then makes her wear the ring and everyone feels elated as their plan worked. Meanwhile, Rishi and Roli doesn’t get any doubt. Shubhra compliments Harsh for his plan.

Here, Shubhra makes Rishi and Roli sleep. She apologises to them for spending less time due to her work. Rishi replies that they are proud of her and ask her to continue her work. Roli also agrees and assure that they both can take care of each other. Shubhra expresses her love towards them making them smile.

Shubhra’s parents and Chandrani sees the engagement pictures. They adores Shubhra and Harsh’s pair and prays that they can be together in real. Shubhra replies that she have already gone through a lot of betrayals and now she don’t have any place for love. She says that her life is fully dedicated to Rishi and Roli. She declares that she is thankful to Harsh for helping her and determines to take revenge from Samaira. She says that she can’t take any risk to ruin her plan, while Narayan looks at her.

Elsewhere, Kuldeep tries to feed Samaira. She states that Shubhra is playing games with them and proclaims that she is faking her marriage with Harsh. She says that Shubhra haven’t taken any action after learning about her engagement with Kuldeep and concludes that she is planning something. She takes her bag and starts leaving from there. She ask Kuldeep to come along with her, while he tries to stop her. He reminds her about inviting all their guests to Pune. She doesn’t agrees to him and stays firm on her decision. At that time Shubhra comes there along with Harsh.

Shubhra taunts Samaira and then shows her engagement pictures with Harsh. Samaira gets furious seeing their pictures, while Harsh forces Kuldeep to congratulate him. Shubhra makes fun of Samaira and shows off her engagement ring. Kuldeep takes stand for Samaira, while Shubhra leaves from there along with Harsh. Shubhra sees Samaira angry and thinks that she will surely do as per their plan being anxious.

Ahead, Shubhra notify Chandrani about the incident. She tells how Kuldeep gets into his character. She says that she will surely scold him one day. Chandrani smiles seeing the engagement pictures. Shubhra also smiles seeing her happy and then gifts her a ring. She makes Chandrani wear it, while latter hugs her being emotional.

Samaira throws the engagement pictures of Shubhra into the dustbin. She gets furious, while Kuldeep smirks and ignites her anger. He tries to calm her stating that they will do a grand engagement. She gets mad thinking about Shubhra’s plan and burns the pictures. Suddenly, she gets a plan and saves one photograph. She says that they have to meet Rishi and Roli in order to learn about Shubhra and Harsh’s engagement truth. She states that kids can only tell her the truth and ask Kuldeep to invite them to their engagement party. Whereas, Kuldeep gets worried hearing her plan.

The Episode ends.

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