Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th July 2021 Written Update: Kuldeep informs Shubhra about Samaira’s plan

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Samaira getting a plan to find the truth out. She says that they will talk to Rishi and Roli to learn about Shubhra’s motive. Kuldeep gets shocked and worries hearing Samaira’s plan. He thinks about distracting her. Samaira states that Shubhra have tried to hide Rishi and Roli from them. She remembers about Shubhra’s confidence and decides to break it. She requests Kuldeep to take her to Rishi and Roli but he declines stating that they are with Shubhra’s parents and he don’t want to go there.

Here, Samaira tries to instigate Kuldeep in order to convince him. She ask if he doesn’t want to know how Shubhra convinced her kids to accept her marriage? She questions that if he isn’t jealous to let them address Harsh as their father, to which he replies that he is only their real father. He reminds her about their marriage preparations and says that Shubhra’s father will surely insult them if they goes to meet Rishi and Roli. She threatens him saying that if he doesn’t take her to meet them, then she will again try to harm herself. He finally agreed to her request.

Shubhra gets inside kids room and find Roli upset. She tries to convince her and makes them happy telling about the food prepared by her. They request her to take them back to their home but she declines. She gives each one of them a handmade jewellery making them happy. They again request to take them back but she tries to make them understand. Later, they goes and practices dance steps.

Elsewhere, Samaira gets inside Shubhra’s parents house along with Kuldeep. She sees the house and gets impressed. She becomes surprised learning that Shubhra belongs to a rich family. She demands to meet Rishi and Roli, while Narayan comes there and rebukes Kuldeep. He gets furious and ask them to leave. Kuldeep demands to meet his kids, but Narayan scolds him. At that time Madhura comes there and tries to calm her husband. Narayan drags Kuldeep out of the house and taunts him and Samaira. Kuldeep tries to face him and says that he can’t stop him to meet Rishi and Roli. Narayan threatens him and calls Samaira cheap. She gets furious and leaves along with Kuldeep.

Shubhra peeks out of the room and hears their conversation. She remembers how Kuldeep alerted her and she managed to keep kids away from the drama. She shows her gratitude towards him.

Ahead, Madhura comes towards Shubhra’s room and takes her out. Rishi and Roli also comes down in the hall. Shubhra tells a story of ‘Mahabharata’ to her kids. She tells them that if we say a lie to do something right then it isn’t count as a lie. She gives them a message via her story. She makes Roli sit on her lap. She explains her that Samaira will try to ask her some questions and she have to make make sure that she don’t answer her. Roli agrees and assures her mother. Meanwhile, Rishi ask if Samaira will question from him also? To which Shubhra nods and advice him to tell Samaira exactly what she will prepare him to tell. He nods understanding her.

The end.

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