Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Shubhra agrees to Samaira’s demand and left the kids with her

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anant trying to feed Vedika. At that time Harsh comes there. Anant couldn’t able to recognise him, while Shubhra comes there and Anant welcomes them inside his house. He greets Shubhra happily, whereas she introduces Harsh to him. She notify that how she and Harsh become friends and then tells him about the matter with Samaira. She apprises him about her demand to Samaira that she will have to apologise to Vedika. Anant says that he doesn’t trust Samaira and hesitates to send Vedika to her. Shubhra assures him that she will take care of Vedika. Anant states that Vedika is scared of Samaira, while Shubhra calls her and ask if she will meet her kids? To which Vedika agrees happily. Harsh also tries to convince Anant, whereas finally he agrees.

Here, Kuldeep massages Samaira rashly. He fakes his anger towards Shubhra and ask Samaira not to get tensed because of her. At that time Shubhra calls Samaira, while Kuldeep picks it up. She taunts Samaira and then threatens her to come to apologise to Vedika and cuts the call. Samaira smirks thinking about something and ask Kuldeep to bring the kids to her house. He gets shocked hearing her demand, but agrees to fulfill it.

Kuldeep visits Shubhra, while Rishi and Roli gets elated seeing him. He notify them about Samaira’s demand, but Shubhra refuses to send kids to her house. Kuldeep assures her that he will take care of the kids and convinces her to send them along with him.

Later, Shubhra along with Kuldeep, Harsh, Anant and the kids goes to Samaira’s house. Anant and Vedika remembers the bad memories of their moments with Samaira. Samaira goes towards Vedika, while she gets scared. She apologises to Vedika but Shubhra states that she is doing it without any emotions. Samaira rebukes Shubhra and demands to leave the kids along with her. Shubhra denies but Kuldeep takes stand for Samaira and insists Shubhra to leave the kids. Meanwhile, Harsh sends the kids inside.

Kuldeep ask Shubhra to stay with them, while finally she agrees to leave the kids with Samaira for one night. But, she says that Anant will also stay with them. She warns Samaira to be prepare for ither challenges also.

Ahead, Samaira gives drinks to the kids but they refuses to take it. At that time Kuldeep comes there and sends Samaira inside along with Phirki and assures that he will handle the kids. He tries to cheer the kids, but Rishi and Roli demands to back to Shubhra. He replies that she have already left and will come back tomorrow to pick them up. Vedika requests them not to leave her alone and ask about her father, while Anant comes towards her making her relieved. Kuldeep tries to comfort the kids and gives them their favourite drinks, but Rishi says that he doesn’t know about his favourite drink as he doesn’t stay with them. Kuldeep gets hurt by his words.

The end.

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