Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Narayan and Madhura praises Harsh

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shubhra controlling her tears and assures herself to stay strong. She moves away from Kuldeep and determines herself not to breakdown. Meanwhile, Kuldeep follows her and keeps demanding for an answer. He questions about her relationship status with Harsh, whereas she faces him fiercely and states that she won’t answer him. She reminds him that he don’t have any authority to question her as he have already lost the title of her husband. She states that she wears her nuptial chain only for the kids and the day when he will cross his limits as a father, that day she will remove it. He blames her for having extra marital affair, while she moves away in order to avoid him. Harsh sees them fighting from his room and come towards them. People looks at Kuldeep and Shubhra as they fight verbally. At one point Kuldeep holds Shubhra’s hand stopping her from moving away, while she struggles to free herself.

Ahead, Harsh comes there and ask Kuldeep to leave Shubhra. Both of them comes face to face, while Kuldeep taunts Harsh for his dual-behaviour. He introduces Shubhra as his wife but she looks him with despise. Kuldeep questions them about their relationship status and blames them for having an affair. He notify that he have seen them close to one another, while Harsh tries to make him understand. He says that he is Rishi’s doctor but Kuldeep denies to believe it and accuses them of using Rishi as their excuse. Harsh ask him to stop stating that he is hurting Shubhra. Whereas, Shubhra ask him not to answer Kuldeep. He looks at them and splashes water on his face and acts like a maniac. He gets restless and requests Shubhra to clear his doubts but she denies reminding that he don’t have any rights to question her.

Kuldeep concludes that Shubhra and Harsh are having an affair. He states that her family is also involved in it that is why trying to send him away. Shubhra ask him to have shame and reminds him about his affair with Samaira. She states that he betrayed her, while he looks on. She says that she don’t have any interest in his life anymore and ask him to leave. He replies that he betrayed with Samaira while she betrayed with Harsh and so they are equal. Shubhra stops him and says that she don’t want to have any conversation with him. She looks at the crowd staring at them and ask them to leave. Kuldeep glares Harsh and Shubhra and goes from their being angry.

Shubhra controls her tears and sits on the side. Harsh looks at her and gives her water to drink. She apologises to him for bearing all the accuses. She pleads him not to tell anything to Rishi and ask him not to stop treating him. She says that he is always there to help Rishi and shows her gratitude towards him. He replies that he don’t judge anyone and assures her. Further, he states that he is always there to help her.

Here, Kuldeep gets restless and takes medicine to calm his nerves. Chandrani sees him and questions about the matter. She blames him for causing chaos and troubling Shubhra. He shouts at her for taking Shubhra’s side and accuses her for having affair with Harsh. Chandrani gets furious and splashes the water on his face, making him stunned.

Madhura and Narayan sees Rishi throwing pots to calm his anger. Narayan praises Harsh for handling Rishi well. He gets anxious remembering Kuldeep and feels guilty for failing to stop Shubhra from marrying him. Madhura consoles him and states that finally Shubhra saw his real face.

Chandrani ask Kuldeep to see his mistakes and rebukes him. She notify him about Harsh being Rishi’s therapist but Kuldeep states that he should have treated him in his clinic rather then being over friendly. He declares that he won’t let anyone take his place in Shubhra’s life. Chandrani gets disappointed with his behaviour and shouts at him for leaving his wife and childrens for Samaira. She blames him for ruining his happy life, while he ignores her and thinks about Shubhra and Harsh.

Whereas, Madhura and Narayan have a conversation regarding Harsh. They smiles remembering about his friendly nature with kids. Madhura utters that the girl who will get married to him will be really lucky, while Narayan agrees. They both looks at each other instantly and Narayan ask if she is thinking same like him? To which she gives a positive sign.

The end.

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