Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Madhura appreciates Chandrani for supporting Shubhra

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Samaira excusing herself to clean her saree while Rajdaksh stops her asking her to tell the truth. He questions her that why is she pretending to be Kuldeep’s wife and mother of the kids while Samaira gets shocked and stays silent.

Madhura appreciates Chandrani for the way she is helping Shubhra and gets emotional saying that Shubhra have got a mother in form of Chandrani. To which Chandrani says that they have to find some clue to know about Samaira. She says that they have to look keenly around themselves while Vedika’s father runs around to feed her.

Rajdaksh confronts Samaira while she tries to lie to him. He says that he haven’t seen a mother more worried about her saree leaving her child in pain. At that time Kuldeep comes there after treating Roli’s injury. Rajdaksh says that he was suspicious about their relation from the previous day only and that is why came for lunch to confirm his doubts. He goes towards Shubhra and says that he respect womens and their devotion towards their family and husband but ask her that why is she bearing Kuldeep even after knowing about his deeds? He accuses Kuldeep and Samaira for having affair and advice Shubhra to break all the ties from him while she stays silent bending her head down. Rajdaksh was about to leave when Kuldeep stops trying to convince him for the project while he reply that when Kuldeep can’t be loyal to his wife and kids then how can he be loyal to him? He goes from there while Samaira accuses Shubhra for letting the kids spoil their deal. Shubhra states that it was Samaira’s fault as she is the one who have poured the hot gravy on Roli. Kuldeep stops them and goes to check Roli along with Shubhra.

Later at night Rishi and Roli goes to apologise to Kuldeep. Roli says that she couldn’t able to bear Samaira treating Shubhra as maid and that is why blurted out the truth. Kuldeep says that they haven’t done anything wrong as lying is bad. He picks Roli up and takes her to bed. He plays with them and tickles Rishi making him laugh. Shubhra comes there with glass of milk and witness the scene. She smiles wiping her happy tears and gets determined to fight for kids rights.

In the morning Kuldeep sees a note from Shubhra who have infory him that she is going for some work and ask him to take care of their kids. Rishi and Roli comes there and sees food already prepared by Shubhra and gets happy.
They starts doing silly things while Kuldeep smiles. At that time Samaira comes down with a bad mood and Kuldeep signals kids to go inside.

Shubhra goes to Rajdaksh house where she meets his father who says that Rajdaksh is busy as he is leaving to abroad today only. She insists him to let her meet him once. She sits with his father who shares his story that he does wnat to go to abroad along with Rajdaksh while Rajdaksh does not want to stay in India. He gets up but stumbles while Shubhra holds him. She makes him understand that how hard it must be for Rajdaksh to leave him alone here. At that time Rajdaksh comes there and scolds Shubhra not to interfere in his personal matter while she ask him to listen to her once, He ask her to leave but his father request him to let Shubhra say her matter.

Samaira scolds Kuldeep asking him to be a little serious while he shouts back that what she wants from him? She gets furious saying about the loss they are going to face and how it will affect his career. She leaves from there while Kuldeep smiles seeing Rishi and Roli coming towards him.Roli demands to eat paratha while Kuldeep agrees to fullfill her wish making her happy.

Rajdaksh gives 2 minutes time to Shubhra while she says that she isn’t here to interfere in his personal life as his father only shared about his problem with her. His father nods at her statement. She says that she is not the one who will leave her husband for some other women. She states that she wants to provide both father and mother’s love to her kids and for that she can bear anything. She says that he should not see Kuldeep’s personal life while doing Contract with him as he is really talented in his field. She praises Kuldeep’s work while Rajdaksh’s father supported her. She ends her point of view while Rajdaksh looks at her.