Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th May 2021 Written Update: Shubhra gets elated seeing Harsh’s therapy working on Rishi

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th May April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chandrani and Roli admiring each other’s transformed look. They calls Samaira to go for shopping. Phirki keeps looking at the door waiting for the attackers. At that time Samaira comes there and looks towards the door. She build up some excuses to make them stay. She states that she forgot her phone inside the room and ask Phirki to bring it. Meanwhile, Roli rushes inside before Phirki and brings Samaira’s phone. Chandrani ask Samaira to hurry, whereas she again makes excuse of forgetting her keys. Roli goes to find it, while Samaira also goes along with her and comes back with the keys.

Chandrani video calls Kuldeep, while he greets them. He ask about their shopping and smiles seeing their changed look. At that time some goons gets inside and presses knife against Roli’s neck. Kuldeep gets shocked seeing the scenario and warns the goons. Roli cries being feared, whereas Samaira starts her acting. She begs them to leave Roli and gives them money. Chandrani gets worried for Roli and looks at Samaira’s behaviour. She observes goon being distracted and tries to goes towards them to rescue Roli. She pushes the goon, while he makes her fall down. Samaira also fight with them and shields Chandrani as the goon was about to attack her. Roli bits the goon and get out of his clutches, while Samaira holds her securely. The goon attacks Samaira with the knife and it gets stabbed on her shoulder. Chandrani and Roli gets shocked seeing it, while the attackers runs away from there. Chandrani removes the knife from Samaira’s shoulder and tries to comfort her, meanwhile she hugs Roli and gets unconscious.

Here, Shubhra notify Sanjana about Narayan, whereas she gets furious on him. Shubhra gets worried about the money, while Sanjana ask her to have faith in god. Shubhra states that she have to stay strong for Rishi. At that time Rishi comes there and says that he have something for Shubhra. She smiles and ask him to show it. Sanjana appreciates Shubhra for her willpower. Further, Rishi shows the sandwich which he made along with Dr. Harsh. He tells about what all he have done with Harsh and states that he enjoyed his company. Shubhra gets elated seeing Rishi happy and caresses his head.

Elsewhere, Roli explains Kuldeep about how Chandrani and Samaira fought with the goons. Kuldeep gives painkiller to Samaira and talks about filing a complaint in police station. Samaira gets worried and convinces him not to lodge any complaint. She makes an excuse of his birthday and ask him to spend his time with her, while he agrees to her demand. Chandrani observes Samaira’s behaviour.

Later, Kuldeep ask Chandrani to change her thinking about Samaira. He shows his gratitude towards Samaira while Chandrani stays silent. Whereas, Samaira hears their conversation and smirks seeing her plan getting sucessful.

Roli makes a card for Samaira, while Chandrani gets worried seeing Roli’s growing soft towards Samaira.

Here, Shubhra gets tensed about her financial condition and decides to halt the therapy sessions of Rishi for sometime. She accepts that the sessions are working great on Rishi and proclaims to resume it as soon as she will get the money. Ahead, Dr. Harsh comes there, while she gives him his payment and notify him about stopping the sessions for some days. He gets confused and asks for the reason.

The end.

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