Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st July 2021 written update : Amrit to give another Kaveri’s test?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1 July 2021 written update On

Episode starts with Amrit reciting the Ram Charitra Manas. She completes it and goes. Here, Nalini is sleeping on bed and Randhir has slept on ground. He wakes up and goes. He searches for Amrit and Amrit is walking in the corridor and they collide and Randhir catches her and saves her from falling. Randhir asks if she was awake whole night. Someone calls Amrit and she goes. Chachi asks Amrit to come. Kaveri thinks how is she so happy. Kaveri asks about recital. Amrit says I read Ram Charitra after so long, you can ask me anything from it. Kaveri asks Mohan to bring the book. Here, Randhir thinks I am ready to give up everything for you, you just have to hold my hand. Mohan brings the book and Kaveri says I will read a phrase and you will tell the meaning. Kaveri is unable to read the phrase so Amrit completes it and says the whole meaning and learning from it. Amrit thanks Kaveri for giving her strength by making her read this. Amrit serves food to Kaveri. Randhir also excuses herself. Naman shoes Kaveri a book and Kaveri smirks.Here, Randhir comes to Amrit and praises her skill. He asks Amrit to start writing again as she still has the talent. Randhir says how these rituals shouldn’t be followed blindly and not let it affect you. Randhir encourages Amrit to write. He gives her a pen.Everyone gathers in the fall. Vashma and Uday come. Uday tells about him being selected in hockey team. Nalini congratulates him and signs it. Vijender signals Kaveri to do something. Kaveri says your name is Vashma? Vashma nods nervously. Kaveri sees an album and says this girl looks like you and says this is Kothi wali girl. Nalini defends Vashma. Kaveri shows the pic to Nalini. Nalini is shocked. Kaveri says maybe it’s her twin sister, do you have one? Vashma is scared. Amrit says this is true, but she was only like a dancer and due to partition she was there. Nalini asks Amrit why she hide the truth? Randhir says even I knew this, I am sorry. Nalini is shocked and disappointed. Vijender says how can you do this Randhir? Kaveri says this Vashma might have manipulated everyone. Uday gets angry and Randhir calms him. Nalini gets upset and goes to room. Amrit and Randhir go to Nalini. Amrit asks Kaveri to give them some time alone. Vijender asks Kaveri why are you outside? You should be inside to manipulate Nalini. Kaveri says I will bring them out. She signals Naman.

Episode ends.Precap: everyone beats Uday and Randhir comes to save her. Kaveri tells Nalini that she feels Randhir and Amrit have an aff