Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th August 2021 Written Update: Kaveri blurts out the truth!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit saying we will give you 12 hours to tell the truth, else we will tell Nalini about Naman. Kaveri worries. Amrit says we trust you, we know you aren’t related to Veer’s death, Santo ji told us that you loved Veer a lot in his childhood, that’s why, it gets more imp to help us in getting justice for Veer. Kaveri cries and says Veer was like my son, Santo is right, I have raised him, I can never take his life, I can’t even think of this, Veer wasn’t my enemy, but this family has always been my enemy, this family snatched everything from me, I can’t forget this ever, I will not tell anything more or bear the threatening, I know you are pregnant, if you try to hurt me, then I can hurt you, just leave, I want to spend some time with my son Naman. Amrit says I know you can’t hurt a mother, whatever you say, I know you will never hurt me or my baby, I request you again, tell me the truth, I promise, we will not let you get hurt. Randhir says come, she can never change. Vijender looks on worried.
Randhir says how long will this go on. Amrit says don’t lose courage, I know we have to win this fight and we will win it. He cries and says I can’t go away from Nalini, the mum who raised me and gave me love, when she passed away, I broke down, then I got Nalini, I thought I got my happiness back, but I was wrong.

Amrit says such is the relation of mum and child, there is more fear of losing the child than happiness, I know you are going through this fear, but its baseless, you will unite with your mum. He says you are saying right, how did Kaveri know that you are pregnant, she can try to harm you and our baby. She says don’t worry, I have to go and make juice drink for you and the baby, the baby also loves to drink the juice, once Naman gets up, we will make him admit the truth. She goes. She hears Bindu crying. She goes to see.

Bindu hugs Manak and cries. Amrit comes there. Bindu says no one can make you away from me. Amrit says don’t send Manak away, I will talk to Mohan, you have a right on Manak, none can snatch it. Amrit thinks what is Bindu not telling me. Its morning, Kaveri says they gave me 12 hours time, they know that Veer’s death was a conspiracy, if I don’t tell them the culprit’s name then they will tell everything to Nalini. He says leave everything to me. He calls the inspector. He says just do as I say. Bindu wakes up and finds Manak gone. She worries and looks for him. She reads his note, he is going away because he doesn’t want to go to hostel. She cries and shouts. She says my son went away from the house. Amrit consoles her. Randhir asks servant to find Manak. He also goes. Nalini asks where is Naman. Naman comes. She asks did you see Manak anywhere. He jokes. Nalini slaps him in anger.

Kaveri and Vijender look on. Vijender stops Naman and asks him to leave. Bindu cries. Manak comes to Uday’s house. Uday asks who has come with you. Manak says no one, I came alone. Uday asks why. Manak says I left that house, mum asked me to go to hostel, I don’t want to go, I want to stay here and play hockey. Uday says you should have not come here. Manak says I like to come to you. Uday hugs him. Manak asks will you keep me at your home. Uday says its your house, but that’s your real house, where your parents live, they would be worried. He sees Vashma and says a mum worries for her child. Uday says your parents will be worried, come with me, I will talk to your dad, he won’t send you to hostel. Manak says you are nice. He hugs Uday.

Randhir says no one has seen Manak going out. Nalini says no need to act a lot, you are saying as if your brother is lost, you aren’t related to us, are you behind all this, don’t trouble the kids. She asks Vijender to file report and punish the culprit. Mohan says I didn’t find him, I know Uday has taken my Manak. Bindu says yes. Nalini asks why would he do this. Randhir asks why are you doubting Uday. Mohan signs Bindu not to say. Bindu goes. Uday gets Manak to Bindu. She takes Manak and says I was looking for you. Uday says he is fine. Bindu slaps him and says he isn’t your son, but ours. Mohan scolds Uday. Amrit and Randhir look on. Bindu and Mohan take Manak. Randhir asks why were they doubting Uday. Uday goes. Amrit thinks of Kabir. She recalls Bindu’s words. She thinks is my doubt right, is Manak really Kabir.

Episode ends.

Amrit sees the mark and says it means Manak is Kabir. She meets Nalini. She says you are going to become Dadi, I swear on my child, Randhir is your Prem, Kaveri has conspired everything against Randhir.

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