Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th January 2021 Written Update: Amrit wants to cut all ties with Randheer

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th February 2021 Written Update on

Vashma tries getting Uday’s attention by making shapes with her shadow on the wall. Uday doesn’t even look at her. She goes near the closet and accidentally hits it. A box falls on her and she gets hurt. Uday hears her hissing but doesn’t move. Vashma is hurt by his behaviour.

Vashma goes back to her house. She gets into her room and shuts the door. She cries merging her back against the door and says that Uday will realize his love when she will go away from him and that is what she will do.

On the other hand, Mogar brings back the coins to Lala. She tells him, Rajrani and Brij that she mistakenly put the sack with money among blankets. Lala scolds her. Brij regrets as well since Radha had to spend the whole night in cold. Amrit reveals that, when Radha was in her room, she wasn’t taking rest but praying for their safety.

Brij starts looking for Radha but she isn’t outside. Rajrani tells him that she is packing her stuff in her room. He rushes there and sees Radha packing her stuff in suitcase. He asks what she is doing. She replies that she is going back to her home. Brij says that this is her home. Radha says that if this was her home then she would have not been called thief. Brij doesn’t want to let her go and asks what he can do. She asks to heal her broken heart. Brij says that his name won’t be Brij anymore if he doesn’t merge her heart. Radha gets happy and says that she will unpack her stuff now.

Later, Radha tells what happened to Rajrani and says that she followed her instruction. Rajrani suggests her not to accept Brij’s apology easily and ask him whatever she wants. Radha says that she has never seen a mother but she must be like her. Rajrani kisses her forehead and blesses her to be always happy.

Amrit thanks Randheer and is about to hold his hands but stops realizing what she was about to do. She looks away. Randheer says that she didn’t punish the thief but taught her a good lesson. Amrit says that her purpose was to prove the innocent’s innocence only. She gives credit to his help too and says that she will make him meet with Ranjhan, as per promise. Randheer gets happy hearing that. Amrit asks him to promise not to tell anyone about the encounter with Ranjhan though. Randheer accepts. Amrit gives him time for 6pm of the next day. Randheer says that he will wait. He leaves.

Amrit turns around and gets shocked seeing Lala and Mogar there. Lala glares at her. Mogar asks Lala to question her daughter and adds that it is not the first time she has seen Randheer and Amrit talking together. Lala asks Amrit if she has really met Randheer earlier too. Amrit says yes. Lala tells Mogar that Amrit is confessing herself that she has met Randheer earlier too. Mogar says that it is not good for girls to meet their would be husband before marriage. Lala laughs and reveals Mogar that it’s Kiranbala who is going to marry Randheer and the latter wanted to know the Kiran better before the marriage. He guesses Amrit met Randheer just to learn more about him for her sister. He is sure Amrit won’t ever do something to make his head bow. He leaves. Amrit has teary eyes.

Mogar shares the news with Kiranbala and tells her that Randheer will marry her only if he starts liking her so she has to win him over. Kiranbala is very happy.

Later, Randheer talks with Amrit’s brother while having meal together. Amrit looks at them. She imagines her alter ego Ranjhan who asks her what’s the need of blaming God. Amrit asks why God made her like Randheer so much when Kiranbala and his marriage was already fixed. Ranjhan encourages her to tell that she is Ranjhan to Randheer who will come to her running. Amrit is aware of that but doesn’t want to hurt her father. Ranjhan asks her to talk with Lala about her feelings.

Amrit is lost in her thoughts and is about to put her hand in fire unconsciously but Randheer comes on time and grabs it saving her. He reminds her that she will make him meet with Ranjhan this evening. Amrit walks away.

Amrit writes a letter to Randheer as Ranjhan. She writes that she won’t write any story anymore for his newspaper and asks Randheer not to try to find her or write letters to her. She asks him to think Ranjhan has died. A tear drops on the letter. She puts the letter in a box and then looks at a picture of hers and her parents.

Vashma comes with her parents. Her mother distributes laddus and give one to Uday too saying that guy’s family is coming to see Vashma for marriage and wishes everything goes well. Lala says that Vashma is the second most beautiful girl of Lahore so everything will go fine. He says that Amrit is the first one. Everyone laughs. Uday clenches his fist and thinks there was no other way. Vashma thinks that there was a way but he left her hand already.

Amrit takes Vashma and excitedly talks about the guy coming to meet her. She is sure that Vashma must know something about him already since she always said that she will be friends with her would be husband before marriage. Vashma says that strangers at least cannot break hope. She says that Uday will meet the guy and asks questions on her behalf since he knows her best since childhood. She says that she will agree to marry if Uday gives his nod to the guy. Amrit likes the idea but Uday says that he has a match.

Amrit takes Vashma aside and asks whether she is happy with the marriage or is forcing herself. Vashma says that she is doing the same by hiding her love for Randheer. She says that their situation is the same but one is unable to ask and one isn’t getting even after asking.

Randheer is at the bazaar with Sharfu and excitedly trying to get the perfect gift for Ranjhan. Sharfu says that he is looking for a gift like it’s for his lover. Randheer says that he has to meet Ranjhan first before deciding if she is worth being her lover or he is worth of her. He thinks about Amrit while talking about love.

On the other hand, Amrit has decided that her and Randheer’s companionship was till now only and after this their paths will be separated. She asks Abdul to give the letter to the postman.

Episode ends

Precap: Radha asks Brij to give her another relation, one between her and Uday’s as mother-son. Uday hugs Vashma and says that he doesn’t want any other relationship but her only. Amrit gets shocked seeing Kiranbala telling Randheer that she is Ranjhan.

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