Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th August 2021 Written Update: Kaveri faces defeat.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bindu making Manak sleep. She goes. Amrit comes to check Manak. She sees the birth mark and says it means Manak is Kabir, Kabir had this birthmark, I have to talk to Bindu. Servant says police has come. Randhir says we have found Manak. Inspector says we didn’t come for that, we came to inform that Veer’s death was a murder. Nalini and everyone get shocked. Vijender says I found out that Veer was given sleeping pills, that fire was ignited intentionally, Veer died in that fire. Bindu says Naman has such a thing in his hand that day, this gun powder, when I asked him, he refused to me. Vijender thinks she made my work easy. He calls Naman. Naman comes. Vijender asks what’s this. Naman says its gun powder, tell me who to kill, I m not scared of anything. Vijender gets him arrested. Kaveri thinks what’s going on in your mind, you are getting your son arrested, when Amrit and Randhir know that Naman is my son. Naman says get away, you know who is my dad. He asks Vijender to tell them.

Vijender sends him away. Kaveri looks at him angrily. Amrit thinks to find out. Nalini hugs Veer’s pic and cries. Randhir comes and says Veer was my elder brother, I m his real brother, I will prove this, Naman can’t do this alone, whoever drugged him and plotted the murder, I will not leave him. Amrit keeps an eye on Kaveri. Kaveri waits for Vijender. She sees Vijender. Amrit stops her. Kaveri asks where are you taking me. Amrit says I thought you have a mum’s heart, you are selfish, your son did wrong, but you didn’t try to save him. Kaveri says I didn’t get him arrested. Amrit says you didn’t try to say truth, you know your son isn’t sensible to do this himself, someone else is the mastermind, I know it, who are you trying to save. Kaveri says stop it. Amrit asks are you lying to me or yourself, you are smart, you are understanding this game, the person who hides the crime is also wrong, we gave you 12 hours, you can’t tell the truth to us, I m going to tell your truth to Nalini. Kaveri asks will Nalini believe. Amrit says yes, she will have to believe me. Kaveri worries.

Nalini scolds Randhir. She says you have killed Veer, you snatched my happiness, you kill me also. She angrily points gun at herself. He asks her to stop it. She says I had no one except Veer. Amrit comes and throws the gun. She gives the envelope. She says you want to leave the world without meeting your grandson, you are going to become Dadi. She shows the reports. She says its not false like that doctor. Nalini gets shocked. Amrit says you are a mum, you know a child’s importance for a mum, a mum can never false swear on her child, I swear on my baby, Randhir is your Prem, Kaveri has planned this conspiracy to keep us away from you, it was a lie that I can never conceive, we got the doctor home to tell the truth but you didn’t let us tell anything, Kaveri bribed that doctor.

Kaveri comes to Vijender. She says you planned all this. He asks her to calm down. She scolds him. She says I loved the person who just love himself, you sacrificed Naman to save yourself. He gives her water. He says I will explain you everything, Randhir’s rights will be snatched, then Nalini will be alone, all this will be ours. She says just yours, you made Naman out of your way, don’t know what will you do of me, I couldn’t do anything for Naman, I will save Naman. She feels dizzy. She asks what did you add in this water. He says nothing much, the drugs which I used to give to Veer and Naman. She gets shocked. He says calm down for some time. She catches him. He pushes him. He says if my son is useless, I can’t ruin my years’ hardwork. He burns their pic. He asks her to take rest and let him do his work. He leaves. She faints. He locks the storeroom. Randhir asks do you know that Kaveri has a son, you know him well. Nalini asks son. He says yes. Amrit says we have told you the entire truth, you ask Kaveri the truth, you will understand everything. Nalini cries.

Episode ends.

Amrit says I know why you want to send Manak away, he is Vashma and Uday’s son. Nalini says Amrit and Randhir told a lot about Kaveri. Vijender says she left the palace. Amrit gets Kaveri and says she didn’t go anywhere.

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