Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th April 2021 Written Update: Amrit to see Randhir?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit coming home. Saroj asks her where she was. Amrit says I went to Veer to tell him about my past. Saroj worries. Bua asks Amrit did Veer refuse. Amrit says he wants to marry me even after knowing everything. Bua asks what? you have seen much sorrow, forget us, think for yourself, don’t worry for us. Amrit says lucky people get a chance to do something for family, Lord has thought of something to give this chance to me, we shall prepare for haldi. Veer goes to Nalini and says its my haldi tomorrow, I have come to trouble you. She angrily goes. Vijender looks on. Veer dances on dhol happily. Vijender says he will not act in front of me. Nalini asks who is that girl, from which family.

Amrit’s haldi gets done. She cries. Randhir tries to find Amrit. Bua asks Kiran to take a letter for Uday, so that he can stop this marriage. Saroj stops Kiran and reads Bua’s letter for Uday. She says fine Kiran, send this letter to Uday, if Amrit’s marriage stops, then your marriage will also stop, you think what to do.

Bua asks Kiran if she posted the letter. Kiran says I have sent the letter. Bua gets relieved. Saroj hides the letter in the drawer. Randhir asks the man to call Amrit. The man says Randhir… but they don’t stay here now. Randhir asks where did they go. The man says I don’t know. Amrit thinks the marriage can stop when Randhir comes. She recalls their marriage. She imagines Randhir coming as the groom but then she realises Veer is the one who is marrying her. Bua says Amrit, don’t worry, Uday will come and stop this marriage. Amrit cries.

Here, the man thinks its good Saroj told me on time not to tell their address to Amrit. A courier person gets a letter for Bhanu from Iqbal. The man says they don’t stay here. The courier person asks for their new address. He tells the address. Randhir says thanks, I had to do this to get the address and meet Amrit.

Nalini comes to Veer with his favourite kheer and feeds the kheer to Veer by her hands. He gets emotional. She asks about the girl, her name, royalty and parents. He says she doesn’t have parents, she is an ordinary girl. She asks who else are there in her family. He says brother, Bhabhi and don’t know the rest. She asks is she educated. He says I didn’t ask. Veer says you have one last question with last bite of kheer. She asks from where is she. He says from Pakistan, you like to give shelter to refugees, I gave you a chance to give her shelter. She says you want to get a poor girl as my bahu. He argues with her.

Bhanu does the wedding arrangements. He says Veer wants to keep a jalsa in the palace, I m worried that Nalini can misunderstand me. Saroj asks her not to worry. The men come and ask them to go out, its Veer’s orders to decorate the house. Saroj says we will go. She asks Bhanu to make Amrit do some charity. Amrit sees Randhir’s pic and cries. Randhir comes there with flowers. Bhanu sees Randhir and gets shocked. Saroj goes inside to stop Amrit from coming down. Saroj asks Amrit to get ready for puja. Randhir sees Bhanu and hugs him. Bua makes Amrit ready. Amrit says I want to go out, don’t know why, my heart is beating fast, I feel someone is calling me.

Episode ends.

Precap: Amrit sees Randhir from back and goes after him. Veer says to Rani sahiba that soon a beautiful girl will become my wife. A dancer comes to mahal and it is revealed that it’s Vashma.

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