Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th August 2021 Written Update: Amrit exposes Vijender’s real motives!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit and Randhir leaving Nalini along. Nalini cries. Randhir says I can’t wait more. Bindu asks do you think Naman has killed Veer. Amrit says we are trying to find out, don’t worry, is Manak fine. Bindu says he has much fever, I m much worried for him. She goes. Amrit says I will just come. She goes to see Manak. Bindu says he got fever because of fear of hostel. Amrit says I know why you want to send him away, he isn’t your son, he is Vashma and Uday’s son. Bindu gets shocked. She says you are lying, Manak is my son. Amrit says you know just you are here in this house, I saw you standing for the truth, you supported me when I needed you. Bindu cries. Amrit says I know you aren’t such, you are clean-hearted.

Bindu says its true, he is Uday and Vashma’s Kabir, Mohan did all this, he bought this boy and gave him to me, I didn’t know it till now, I didn’t give him birth, but he is my life, I can’t think of making him away. She cries. Amrit consoles her. She says think once, what about Vashma, who gave him birth, think of Vashma and Uday, how would you feel if anyone cheats and snatches your child forcibly, I know you are good at heart, I know you can’t forget this, I can tell Uday that I found his Kabir, but I leave this decision on you, I will accept your decision and support you.

Nalini prays. Nalini asks servant where is Kaveri. Servant says she went towards the storeroom. Nalini goes. Randhir asks did you see Kaveri. Amrit says no. She asks the servant. Servant says I had seen Kaveri going towards the storeroom. Randhir and Amrit come there and see the lock. Randhir gets the blood mark. He asks servant about the medical aid kit. Servant says Vijender’s hand is wounded, I m taking this for him. Amrit gets Vijender’s ring there. She says its dad’s ring. Randhir asks what, it also has blood on it. He recalls Vijender and says I think truth is behind this door.

Bindu comes to Uday. She asks him to come with her. Vijender says I can’t imagine what you are going through knowing Veer’s death was a conspiracy, don’t worry, I will get him punished. Nalini says Amrit and Randhir told a lot about Kaveri. He says they are putting the blame on someone else, Kaveri got fed up and went back. Nalini asks what, without meeting me. Amrit and Randhir come. Amrit says she didn’t go anywhere, she was being sent. Randhir brings Kaveri and makes her sit. Nalini asks what happened to her. Amrit says Vijender has done this with her, we just doubted him, he accepted his truth on telephone. He recalls getting a call from inspector. He says my name shouldn’t come out in this matter, I m handling Kaveri. Randhir made the call. Randhir says Vijender told his truth himself, we got to know that he used to hear every talks of your room by this phone. Vijender says what nonsense. Kaveri slaps him. Nalini asks how dare you slap him. Kaveri says you will do the same, he tried to faint me to kill me, if Amrit and Randhir didn’t come then…. Veer’s death was a conspiracy, Vijender is the culprit. Nalini gets shocked.

Kaveri says he helped me in making Randhir fall in your eyes, Naman is my son, Vijender is his dad. They get shocked. Nalini cries. Bindu asks Uday to see Manak, he is sleeping in peace. Uday says childhood is such. Bindu says I got you here to say something, I want to keep it a secret and go away, but I can’t. Uday asks what is it, tell me, is it about my Kabir, did Mohan say anything. Bindu folds hands and says my Manak is your Kabir. He gets shocked. He cries. She says Mohan never told me, he gave me Manak instead my dead baby, I thought Manak is my son and hugged him. Uday recalls Manak’s words and cries happily. Mohan looks on. Bindu gets scared seeing him. She turns away. Nalini feels dizzy. Amrit gets water. Kaveri says forgive me, I did everything for my son, I did wrong with this family, I got blind in greed and Vijender’s love, he just loves himself, he sent his son to jail and tried to kill me, he was with me in all the conspiracies, after losing Naman, I realized I m doing wrong with you, I did wrong by making you and Randhi away, I regret my deeds, but this man has no regret. Nalini asks Vijender is all this true.

Episode ends.

Vijender pushes Amrit on the ground. Randhir asks doctor how is Amrit. Doctor says danger is still on Amrit and baby. Nalini prays for Amrit.

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