Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th January 2021 Written Update: Amrit tries keeping a distance from Randheer

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Uday gets worried when he hears Abdul telling Lala that Iqbal is calling him. Lala wonders what happened at this time. Uday asks him if he can come along. Lala accepts.

Iqbal is scolding Vashma asking whether she thought he won’t ever come to know. Uday overhears that and is scared that Iqbal learnt the truth. Lala asks what happened and why he is scolding Vashma. Iqbal says that Vashma pretended to have injured her foot so that guy’s family won’t come to see her tomorrow. He worries about what to answer to guy’s family. Lala tells Vashma that Iqbal has given more freedom to her than what he has given to Amrit. He takes her responsibility and asks Iqbal to call the boy’s family tomorrow, he trusts Vashma won’t disappoint him. Uday looks on.

On the other hand, Brij asks Radha if it is true that Uday talked bad with her. She says that she didn’t feel bad at all because of his words and reminds him about his promise of making the mother-son relation between her and Uday. Brij walks away. Radha wonders if he got upset with her.

Uday is in his room and looks at Vashma’s picture. He looks at his mother’s one too and says that he would have told her how much he loves Vashma if she was there. Brij comes and Uday rudely asks what he is doing there. Brij gets angry and is about to leave but Amrit comes and stops him encouraging him to talk with Uday.

Brij steps to Uday and gives him the hockey stick that Lala had bought for him but he had hidden. He says that he won’t oppose him playing hockey anymore but at one condition: he should remove all the bitterness he has in his heart for Radha and consider her as mother. He says that he hates hockey but he is forgetting his hatred for his happiness and asks him to forget the hatred he has for Radha as well doing the same. He leaves.

Uday looks at his mother’s picture. Radha comes and her shadow is reflected on Uday’s mother’s frame. Radha has brought medicine for Uday since she noticed he got hurt. Amrit encourages Uday to accept Radha as well.

Meanwhile, Kiranbala brings milk for Randheer who gives back Ranjhan’s letters to her but she refuses saying that troubles will happen if someone sees them. Randheer says that it is surprising how he didn’t know that he was living in Ranjhan’s house and was looking for her everywhere, just like a Saraschand. Kiranbala doesn’t know who that writer is and wishes to meet him but Randheer reveals he is dead. She leaves with an excuse. Randheer wonders how one can be so different in real life from the character she writes.

The next morning, preparation for Kaushalya (Uday’s late mother) ‘s barsi are going on. Mogar tells Rajrani that Radha hasn’t come down yet since she must have problems to cook for her sautan’s barsi. Rajrani says that she must not even know about it.

Vashma comes and Uday gets happy to see her. Vashma is worried about the next day. Uday asks her to chill and suggests her to tell her best friend about them. Vashma gets happy and asks if she can really tell Amrit. The latter hears them and asks what they are keeping secret from her. Uday tells her that he decided to heartily accept Radha as mother. Vashma and Amrit get happy hearing that.

Later, Amrit reaches bazaar. Randheer is near there taking interview about a foreigner who claims that Britishers shouldn’t leave India otherwise civil war between hindus and muslims will happen. Randheer disagrees. He notices Amrit behind him and stares at her. He wonders what is happening to him.

Two guys misbeahve with Amrit, flirting with her and making her uncomfortable. Randheer gets angry and gets up but then stops. The foreigner asks why he stopped. Randheer is sure that Amrit will give it back to the guys but Amrit just rushes away in a carriage. The foreigner says that Indian women are weak and wimp. Just then, Amrit comes back wearing burkha but Randheer recognizes her bracelet. She throws pepper powder on the guys misbehaving with her and warns them not to ever misbehave with any girl. Randheer smiles. The foreigner asks what happened since he didn’t understand. Randheer says that Hindustani women re not wimp or weak.

Uday searches for Brij but he is nowhere. He tells Lala. Mogar says that both Radha and Brij aren’t home since morning and wonders where both have gone. Radha and Brij are at temple where Radha is doing a pooja so that Uday accepts her as mother. Uday is angry about his father missing in Kaushalya’s barsi.

Amrit’s brother says that he saw Radha and Brij leaving this morning. Mogar triggers Uday’s anger. Radha is sure that after hawan Uday will accept her but Uday is just angrier. He decides to the barsi rituals himself since his father is missing. While on one Radha and Brij do their pooja, on the other Uday completes the rituals for barsi. Brij remembers the date and gets shocked realizing he forgot Kaushalya’s barsi.

Brij and Radha comes back home. Mogar scolds Brij. Uday angrily glares at Brij. He grabs his hockey sticks and breaks it into two throwing it into the fire of the pooja. Uday walks away. Brij blames Radha for taking him out today and making him forget the date. He leaves. Radha tries taking out the hockey stick pieces from the fire. She sits in front of Kaushalya’s photo joining hands and cries saying that her Mama has never taught her how to walk the rope of relations. Mogar calls her fake.

Radha goes to Brij and cries blaming herself. Brij assures her that Uday will call her mother and accept her as mother as well. At the same time, Uday cries in front of Vashma saying that he is slowly losing all relations but he doesn’t want to lose her and he won’t ever let her go away from him.

Later, Amrit is ironing clothes. Randheer comes and says that he was there to iron his shirt but he will wait now. Amrit thinks she doesn’t want him to stay there near her. She says that she will iron his shirt. He asks what if she burns. Amrit angrily says that she irons Uday, Bhanu and Lala’s shirts as well. Randheer says that she doesn’t get a joke. Amrit snaps that he keeps joking. Randheer says that jokes are fine between friends.

 Amrit denies being his friend but Randheer says that he considers her as friend and friends like her are rare. Amrit asks what she has done to be considered as such a friend. Randheer tells her that he saw her teaching a lesson to the guys in the bazaar. Amrit gets shocked realizing he recognized her. He steps towards her talking about how she resembled Ranjhan’s characters and she backs off hitting the hot iron. She is about to fall but he holds her on time. They share eye-lock.

 Randheer puts her hand in water. She asks him to leave her hand. He says that the injury will get permanent. Amrit asks why he is so worried about her wounds. She reminds him he is there for Kiranbala and asks him to do that only.

Episode ends

Precap: Randheer confesses he loves Amrit kneeling in front of her.