Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th July 2021 Written Update: Vashma to get back Kabir?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 12th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir saying I know Amrit since I was in Lahore, I loved her, we were engaged, we were going to get married, but the partition separated us, until we met again, our life’s situation changed, but we didn’t cross the limits, despite being very close, we kept distance, Veer knew all this, the day he got to know that I m his younger brother, his perception changed, he gave me Amrit’s hand and promised me that he will talk to you about us, but before he could do this, Lord snatched him from us. Nalini gets shocked. Randhir says I had called you to the temple to tell this, some goons forcibly stopped us and attacked us, then you saw the car and misunderstood us, Amrit and my relation isn’t physical, but of souls, trust me. Vashma says Kabir is

Uday and my son, return our child to me, Sumer has made me Noor Mahal, he had sold the baby to you. Mohan gets shocked.

Vashma says call Kabir, I want to hug him. Mohan says he was your child, now he is my child, tell me, what money you want, forget the child. Vashma cries and says mum’s love can’t be bought, I beg you, return my son. He says Bindu and I lost our baby, Bindu couldn’t conceive, we adopted this baby, we have hidden the truth, we can’t give the child, he is everything for us. She says I will see how you make me away from him, I will call Uday. He shouts Vashma. Kaveri claps and says wow, what a story, they prepared this story. Amrit says no, we wanted to call Nalini to the temple to speak out our heart, the truth is…. Nalini says stop it Amrit, truth is you always hurt my heart, I have always tolerated you, you will not come in that palace from today. Kaveri smiles. Nalini says its a command of mum and Ranimaa. Randhir says give me a chance to explain, trust me.

Nalini says Kaveri, tell him that I don’t want to talk to them. She goes. Kaveri says Nalini is upset, you do what you want, there is no one to stop you. She goes. Vashma hides from Mohan and runs. She gets hurt. Uday comes to meet Vashma. He looks for her. Vashma writes a letter for Uday. Mohan comes and sees her. The letter flies away. Mohan says I will kill you if you say anything to anyone. She faints down. Mohan hears Uday coming. He goes. Uday gets shocked seeing Vashma. He shouts and holds her. Randhir says you stayed quiet all day, whatever Kaveri and Nalini told you. She says I m thinking that Nalini was brought there, the goons had done all that just to show such things to Nalini. Uday is with Vashma. Doctor says Vashma isn’t getting conscious because of nerve compression, she is in coma, you can just have patience, pray and wait. Uday gets shocked. He goes and prays for her. Randhir says if this is a conspiracy, then who is behind it. Amrit says we will find out who did this.

Servant comes to Randhir. He says you are here, Vashma got deeply injured on her head, come fast. Randhir and Amrit go to see. Uday asks Vashma to get up and see his name coming in the next tournament. He cries and says what did you want to tell me, what was so imp, just get up. He cracks jokes and asks her to laugh. He cries. He asks her to just get up. Mohan asks where did you go, why did they want to meet in the temple. Kaveri says they had a big sin in their heart, they stopped the car midway, they were romancing, they were ashaming their relation, they know each other since before. Mohan asks what. He laughs. She says its good you were not there, you would have got ashamed. Bindu says but maybe… Kaveri scolds her. Vijender holds Nalini. Kaveri stares at him.

Randhir and Amrit come to see Vashma. Uday asks Vashma to get up. Amrit says she will be fine, we shouldn’t lose hope, when I was in pain, I used to cry, you used to give me courage. Randhir and Amrit console Uday. Kaveri says we have to do something, if this matter goes out, then we will lose respect. Vijender says you have to send Amrit away, she will stay away from Randhir also. Bindu says we can make them close forever. Kaveri asks her to shut up and leave. Mohan says you are a fool, just leave. Kaveri asks Nalini not to come in Bindu’s words, its good to make the lovers away. Vijender says yes, else their love will spread here as a black ink.

Episode ends.

Some ladies catch Kaveri. Amrit asks can just you get me attacked. Kaveri asks her what’s the proof. Amrit and the ladies get Naman there.

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