Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 13th August 2021 Written Update: Vijender gets arrested!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 13th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vijender saying Kaveri is lying, she tried to trap me, when I refused to her, she is taking revenge on me and blaming me, she is trying to defame me by calling Naman my son, she is trying to save her lover. Kaveri gets angry. He asks Nalini will she believe her husband or Kaveri. He asks what proof do you have against me that you told this. He says today she wants to prove Randhir your son, they are planning something against you. He says Nalini ji, you have no one except me in this world, I m your husband and your supporter, if we get separated today, then they will attack you, they have no proof. Randhir says you want a proof, Kaveri has the proof. He asks Amrit to get it. Kaveri says I knew you can cheat me anytime, so I have the proof. Amrit gets the pics. Randhir shows Kaveri and Vijender’s pic. Vijender gets shocked. Nalini sees the pic and gets shocked. Randhir says your pale face tells the entire truth. He slaps Vijender and says this is for betraying my dad, for cheating my mum.

He slaps again and again. He says this is for drugging Veer and killing him, I will kill you. Vijender tries to run. Randhir catches him. Police comes. Inspector says leave him, Naman gave the statement against him, no one can save him now. Vijender says wait a min, let me apologize to Nalini. He apologizes to Nalini. He says I will get punished. He apologizes to Kaveri and Amrit. He angrily pushes Amrit on the ground. They get shocked. Vijender gets arrested. Amrit screams. Vijender says you will never stay happy. Randhir says take him away. Randhir makes Amrit lie on the bed. Amrit cries. He feeds her water. Amrit faints. Randhir asks Nalini to see her. Nalini says call the doctor.

They get Amrit to the hospital. Doctor says don’t worry, I will check her. Mohan says all this happened in front of us, we didn’t know, I didn’t know Vijender and Kaveri are doing this, else I would have not let this happen. Nalini apologizes to Randhir. Randhir says don’t say sorry, mums hug ther children and love them, you don’t apologize. He hugs her and cries. Mohan says Nalini is happy hugging her son, you are making your son away, think again, you did a big mistake by telling Uday the truth. Bindu says I did what I felt right. She goes. Randhir asks will Amrit and baby get fine. Nalini says yes, they will be fine. She taunts Kaveri.

Kaveri goes and prays for Amrit and her baby. Nalini and Randhir look on. Bindu comes home and sees Uday sleeping with Manak. She wakes him up. He says sorry, I fell asleep, fever got less, don’t worry, I would have taken Manak to Vashma if you permitted. She cries and says Amrit.. He asks what happened. She tells everything. Uday runs to the hospital. Doctor says Amrit fell down, it affected her foetus, we need to get medicines for her and take care of her. He asks will she get fine, I will get the medicines. Doctor says danger is still on them, we will try our best, you can meet her. Randhir goes. Nalini says get medicines from anywhere, do anything, save my bahu and the baby. She asks Kaveri to stay away, all this happened because of her.

Randhir goes to Amrit. He hears her voice and goes to see. She says I will take you somewhere, come with me. They go home and see the baby’s room. He smies seeing the toys. He imagines their happiness. He sees the family pics burning. He gets shocked and shouts no. Uday comes and holds him. Randhir says my dream burnt. Uday says calm down, everything is fine, Amrit and the baby will not suffer, don’t worry, you can’t lose courage like this, who will support Amrit. Servant comes and says radio station people called and asked will you cancel Ranjhan’s program. Randhir says no. He asks Uday to arrange a radio. Uday says I will try. Randhir thanks him and goes. Mohan sees Uday. Uday goes to Amrit. He cries and prays.

He plays the radio. Randhir goes live on the radio. He says I came to say that your Ranjhan is fighting with her life and death, she is carrying her baby in her womb, she needs your blessings, she has always fought her fight, she has always tolerated everything with a smile, she sacrificed her happiness for others’ happiness, she needs you today, pray for her. The people hear Randhir. Manak comes to Uday and consoles him. Uday hugs him. Manak says we will pray for Amrit. Nalini and everyone pray. Aye malik tere bande hum…plays…. Randhir comes back and joins the prayers.

Episode ends.

Nalini, Amrit and everyone prays. Vashma gets conscious. Randhir says its not easy to take this big responsibility. Amrit says I have made a plan.

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