Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 13th July 2021 Written Update: What has faith written for Amrit and Randhir?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 13th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Naman watching Vashma. Uday comes there and asks Naman, what are you doing here. Naman says Nalini sent me here with money and flowers, and this letter, she was upset, she couldn’t come, I am also upset, keep the money. Uday says return the money, I will handle the expenses. Naman says look at your situation and keep the money, you play hockey and she does Mujra. Randhir asks him to leave. Naman says you think you have beaten 5 goons and you have become a hero, I am Naman Singh. He scolds Randhir and goes. Randhir says leave it. Amrit says go and get freshen up. Uday goes. He asks what are you thinking now. Amrit gets suspicious of Naman thinking how does Naman know that there were five goons. Randhir thinks.

They come to the palace. They see Naman there. They make fun of Naman and insult him, calling

him a dog. Randhir says dog is a tiger in his locality, he can’t bark in other locality, he isn’t even a dog, he is just a domestic goat. Naman gets angry and says I m a tiger, you can’t make a sound in front of me, I had sent goons that day, I can bury you here. Randhir asks really. They fight. Randhir says you can’t do this big thing alone, who told you to do all this, tell me, I will not leave you today. Naman says I did this myself. Randhir says don’t lie, tell me, who is with you. Amrit and Randhir scold Naman and threaten of police. Randhir says Amrit, call the police. Naman says trust me, I did this myself. Randhir asks why did you do this, don’t lie. Naman says Kaveri…. They get shocked.
Naman says I had sent goons on her saying. He goes. Randhir and Amrit think. Amrit says we caught Mogar Bua the same way. Randhir says I feel person should be born poor, his relatives don’t become his enemies, Nalini had become a target of their conspiracies since many years, you should write and give hope and courage to other girls, whatever they did with you, you will give them an answer as Ranjhan. She says right, I have to become Ranjhan.

Some ladies come to Kaveri’s room and knock the door. They get inside. Kaveri asks who are you all, what are you doing here. The ladies catch Kaveri and take her outside. Randhir says come with me, I have to show something. Vijender says Nalini is upset. Randhir insists and takes her. Everyone sees Kaveri and Amrit’s argument. Nalini asks who are these women. Randhir says wait, just 2 mins. Amrit asks why are you worried, you think just you can get me attacked, I can’t do anything. She says Nalini got mistaken about me, because of me, she is a mum, her anger will calm down soon, you should thank me, you sent many goons to attack me, I just sent women to your room.

Kaveri asks what nonsense, I didn’t get you attacked, you can’t blame me, what proof do you have. Amrit says you won’t admit the crime without proof. The ladies get Naman. Vijender and Kaveri worry. Amrit thanks the ladies and asks them to leave. She says you had sent those goons to attack me, then you got Nalini there to make Randhir and me fall in her sight. Nalini stops Vijender. Kaveri says Naman is Nalini’s bodyguard, how can you blame me by listening to him, if he tells anything, then Naman says think and talk, I will tell the truth today, why are you lying, I got them attacked on your saying.

Randhir smiles. Naman says if I had attacked, then I would have broken their legs. Vijender thinks he is a big fool. Naman asks Kaveri to say the truth. Amrit asks Naman to say the entire truth if he isn’t scared. Kaveri worries. Naman says truth is that, suddenly Kaveri shouts yes, I did this, I asked him to send goons there. Bindu comes there. Amrit thanks Kaveri for confessing her crime. Kaveri says I did this to teach you a lesson. Amrit says you didn’t think of Nalini’s emotions. Kaveri asks will you tell her, will she believe you, I should have come there. She raises hand. Nalini stops her by calling out.

Kaveri turns and sees Nalini, Randhir and Vijender. Nalini gets angry. Vijender acts and scolds Kaveri. He slaps Naman. He asks did we keep you here for this work, we hired you to protect Nalini, not to get her son and bahu attacked. He does a drama. He says Kaveri should go back to her house. Nalini says no, she isn’t any outsider, she is a part of the family, she has done a wrong thing, she forgot that Randhir is my son, the heir, she has got the heir attacked and accused him. She scolds Kaveri.

Kaveri says fine, I have done this, I paid money to Naman, I took you there, I wanted you to know their truth, I just care for the respect of my royal family, I sacrificed my love for the family, I didn’t do anything wrong, I won’t let Randhir do wrong, I told you about Randhir and Amrit before, you didn’t believe me, I did this to show you the truth, I know this girl is very clever, I had done this to catch her, else she will fool us and run away. Amrit says Randhir and I didn’t do anything wrong, we didn’t steal anything or do any sin, we just love each other.

Episode ends.

Randhir says I want to marry Amrit with my mother’s blessings. Kaveri says I won’t let them get married.

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