Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th June 2021 Written Update: Randhir to meet his dad?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit saying I went to find myself. She dances but Veer stops her and holds her hand tightly. Amrit says you beg me to love you and here you do this. Nalini enters and asks Veer to behave. Veer leaves. Nalini tells Amrit how when she married Vijender she devided not to have any kids with him because I wanted the crown to go to my first husband’s kids only. Nalini says I want Veer to impress the heads. Amrit assures Nalini. Amrit praises Nalini and her love for Veer. Nalini says do what you are told to.

Here, the servant gives application letter to Randhir of people for the assistant post. Randhir praises a application with no name but an amazing profile. Randhir is surprised to see the candidate is Vashma. Vashma says I didn’t want you to select me because you know me. Randhir takes the interview and Vashma answers everything correctly. Randhir and Vashma walk in the hall way. Amrit hears Vashma got the job and shows her excitement but Vashma ignores her and goes.

Mystery man adds something to alcohol bottles in Veer’s room. Amrit comes and the man hides. Amrit makes Veer remember all rhe sarpanch names. Veer keeps asking Amrit where she was? Amrir says your threats won’t work on me. Veer hugs her. Amrit says this also won’t work. Suddenly someone locks them. They shout for help but everyone ia out in the garden with Sarpanch. The sarpanch praises Nalini’s decision to bring Veer into the party. They ask about where is Veer. Nalini asks Randhir to go and see.

Randhir opens the door to see a stain of lipstick on Veer’s shirt. Randhir glares at it. Amrit thinks I wish I could tell you it’s not what it looks like. Veer says what is this Randhir, we are newly married and you enteres and made Amrit blush. Randhir says Nalini is calling you, so I am following orders. Amrit goes out so does Randhir. Veer looks at alcohol bottle, she gets flashback of Amrit telling Veer to avoid drinking as today is important. Veer thinks I can’t live without alcohol and starts drinking, the mystery man looks on.

Here, Vashma is in the backyard a person says you are Noor I remember. Vashma tries to dodge the person but he threatens to tell his secret. Uday comes and threatens the guy saying her husband knows about it but does your wife does? The guy goes. Uday then congratulates Vashma for her job. Saroj hears this and says I need to do something.

Here, everyone still aska about Veer. Amrit says I will bring. Mohan triws to instigate everyone against Veer. In the room, Veer hallucinates about his childhood trauma. Amrit hears him scream and asks him what happened? Veer points towards window. Amrit hears about people talking about the work is done. She runs down and finds Mohan there.

Episode ends.

Precap: Nalini pays to Amrit to keep Veer safe while Veer gets shot.