Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th May 2021 Written Update : Veer to catch Randhir and Amrit?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th May 2021 Written Update On

Episode begins with Veer asking for breakfast. Mohan comes there and taunts Veer. Mohan says see my control over my wife. Mohan calls Chachi and shows Veer example. Veer shouts to call Amrit. Veer gets angry. Here, Randhir tells Amrit, that till the time I am here, I will make sure you are happy and I will make things like that so that you are happy. Amrit says in every husband and wife there are fights. Randhir says we also got wedded for 4 pheras.

Amrit says stop leaving in past, I have moved on. Amrit’s hair gets attached to Randhir’s shirt. Amrit tries to separate it. Veer comes to find Amrit and sees two shadows. Veer thinks who is the guy with Amrit. Amrit asks Randhir to leave. Veer comes and sees Amrit alone. Amrit says this show piece broke. Veer asks where is it? Amrir says what? Veer says the other piece of show piece. Amrit says it must have fallen here.

Here, a servant tells Amrit’s brother has come. Randhir comes rushing and sees Uday who is in hyper mode. Randhir calms Randhir and asks what has happened. Uday tells Randhir everything. Here, Vashma dances in pain and falls. Randhir tells Uday that Amrit has gone through a lot and got married but it’s not her fault, similarly Vashma has no fault of her she was scared that’s why she didn’t reveal her identity earlier. Uday realises that he is the one in fault. Uday says he will go and say sorry to Vashma. Uday gives a hint to Randhir about Amrit hiding something about her marriage day.

Uday says I am bounded by a promise. Uday leaves. Randhir thinks what it must be. Amrit comes looking for Uday but Randhir says Uday has left. Randhir says I want to talk to you. Amrit goes inside.

Amrit comes to Veer and thinks if Randhir will be near me all the time then it will be a problem for me. Amrit aska Veer if he would like tea. Mohan says Veer doesn’t drink tea and a wife should know the real things a husband loves. Veer asks will you bring me my favourite alcohol? Amrit looks at Randhir and asks if he wants a big peg or small. Veer is shocked. Randhir thinks Amrit is pretending so hard to pretend she is happy. Veer says big. Mohan says when a wife agrees to you then either she loves you or hides you. Veer thinks about the shadows he saw.

Amrit goes to bring alcohol when Randhir stops her in a corner. Amrit asks him to not interfer in her life. In the room, Amrit asks Veer what are you hiding from me? Amrit says our relation is much bigger than hiding and truth. Veer goes into his thoughts again. Veer says take swear on your parents. Amrit says don’t bring them in between. Veer says what are you hiding that you are not taking swear. Amrit says I am not afraid as I have not done anything wrong.

Veer says the girl who hid alcohol from me is serving alcohol to me, what are you hiding? Amrit asks Veer to leave her hand. Amrit bites his hand and runs. Amrit goes out. Someone drags Amrit. Amrit says you are not really my husband so you can’t ask me to swear or do anything with me. Lights are turned on and Amrit is shocked to see Randhir.