Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th April 2021 Written Update: Nalini to know the truth?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nalini saying let me see your bride. Veer says without her husband’s permission you cant see her. Nalini gets shocked. Veer says as everything has happened as per rituals so you can see her face after muh dikhai rasam only. Nalini is shocked. He asks servants to take the palanquin to his room. He asks why are you so upset, your son got married, sing along, celebrate, be happy. He taunts her. He says I have arranged a dance performance, Chandni Chowk’s special artist Noor Meher will be coming to add colours in this Jashan. Vashma comes there to perform. Vashma performs Mujra on the song Jab pyaar kya to darna kya… The men take Amrit to the brothel. The lady says you got her to the right place, she is so pretty. She takes Amrit with her. She pours some water and wakes up Amrit. Amrit asks what’s this place. The lady says people know this place as Amina Bai’s brothel.

Amrit gets shocked and says no…. Veer gets angry. He comes to his room. He says I have handled Ranimaa today, what will I do when everyone wants to see the bride’s face. Bua asks why can’t we go to the police. Bhanu says it will be like going against Veer. Bua says you care for Veer, don’t know how is Amrit. She prays for Amrit. Amina Bai asks Amrit to wear the dress and get ready. Amrit refuses. Amina locks her up in the room. Amrit knocks the door. Vashma gets the money and gives to Amina. Amina says you just got some money, just become the star of this place, then we will get much money. Vashma scolds her. She asks her not to say this again. She says I belong to someone else. Amina says a new thing has come to this brothel. Vashma asks who are you talking about. Amina asks the men to open the door. Amrit comes out. She gets shocked seeing Vashma.

Amrit and Vashma cry seeing each other. They recall their old days. Vashma stops Amina. She says Amrit is my best friend, I won’t let you touch her, remember one thing, this brothel runs on my talent, if you hurt Amrit, then I will not leave her. She takes Amrit with her to the room. They hug and ask how are you. Amrit asks where is Randhir. Vashma gets silent. Randhir says I don’t know where is my fiancee, I lost my parents as well. The man says it will be tough to find them, elections are happening for the first time, everyone is busy with campaigns, how can we find out. The man says its tough to refuse to Ranimaa’s request if she can help, all the best. Randhir thanks him. Vashma says he was with me, but after reaching the border, Pakistani police caught him. She cries and asks Amrit not to worry, she will soon meet him. Amrit says yes, I wish he stays fine.

Veer drinks wine and thinks of Amrit. He takes his gun from the cupboard. He leaves. Vashma gets food for Amrit. Amrit asks how did you reach here, tell me, where is Kabir, how is he, did you tell him about me. Vashma nods and smiles. She says I have been away from my son since that time. Amrit cries.

Veer says until I make Amrit reach her destination, I will not leave her, I will shoot her. Amrit hears this. She says I have to go with Veer.

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