Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th July 2021 Written Update: Amrit and Randhir to unit?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Uday in tension and feeling sleepy thinking about his decision to not sleep. Amrit and Randhir come and Amrit worries for Uday. Amrit asks Uday to eat. Uday says no. Amrit says if you don’t sleep, your health will detoriate. Uday says love is like this only, you are suffering defame and I am suffering distance. Amrit says don’t say this, you promise me that you will take care of you as Vashma will not like you to see like this. Uday says you two get together please. Randhir says soon we will be together.

Here, Amrit makes food ready for Nalini with the help of servant. Amrit requests Chachi to make Nalini eat as she is angry from Amrit so she might not listen to her. Amrit shares how she used to feed food to his dad. Chachi praises Amrit’s innocence and promises to feed Nalini. Chachi goes. Randhir comes to Amrit and asks why she is upset. Amrit says bua ji played a very bad game with us, she made Nalini go against her. Amrit says we need to do something. Randhir agrees. Later, Chachi comes to Nalini and asks her to eat. She uses Amrit’s way to feed Nalini and she agrees. Chachi also requests Nalini to agree for Amrit and Randhir’s marriage. Nalini is upset.

Here, Randhir calms Amrit that Nalini will accept it, I wish she would have got to know about it our style, but I am sure Nalini will use her intelligence. Here, Chachi explains how Amrit has no age to be a widow and she deserves happiness. Nalini thinks and says you are saying right I guess. Kaveri listens to this and thinks no matter how convinced Nalini is, I will win. Amrit feels dizzy and Randhir takes care of her. Randhir goes to get water for Amrit. Kaveri sees and says soon drama will start from this.

Next day, Nalini announces her decision about marriage when Amrit faints. Everyone worries. Kaveri stops Randhir from picking her up saying it’s not good. Randhir fights with Kaveri and asks Chachi to call doctor. Randhir makes Amrit sleep in bed. Kaveri does drama saying now this house is impure. Randhir defends Amrit. Nalini defends Randhir. Nalini tries to make Kaveri understand. Kaveri says I won’t agree and says don’t you think these are symptoms of pregnancy? Kaveri makes this issue big and Nalini worries.

Doctor comes and Nalini asks her to tell the diagnosis to only her. Kaveri thinks now it will be fun. She goes. Nalini worries. Doctor comes and she calms Randhir. Doctor starts checking. Randhir hugs Nalini out of worry. Nalini calms him. Vijender comes and sees the drama. Doctor comes and says it’s just weakness. Randhir goes to meet her. Doctor tells Nalini that Amrit is pregnant. Nalini thinks only one thing can be done. Here, Randhir takes care of Amrit.

Episode ends.

Precap: Nalini agrees for Randhir and Amrit’s marriage.

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