Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th April 2021 Written Update: Who will Veer take as her fake bride?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vashma telling Amrit that there so many pieces and those are equal to the number of days I am away from Kabir. Amrit gets shocked and hugs a crying Vashma. Amrit asks what happened back then. Vashma says after Randhir got arrested, a man offered his help to make us cross the border, he did too but then he sold me to this kothi and took my Kabir. Vashma then asks about Uday. Amrit says Radha and Uday always ask about you and want to find about you. They both hug. Amrit says Uday is in this city only.

Vashma says no you can’t tell him that I am here. Amrit says but why? Vashma says I couldn’t take care of my son and Uday loved me he can’t see me a girl from kothi as these girls are never seen with respect. Amrit says when I can understand then why will Uday not understand? Vashma says no I need to stay here to find our son. Vashma takes a swear from Amrit that she should not tell anyone about Vashma till the time she doesn’t tell her to.

Vahsma asks if Uday still remembers her? Amrit says he still loves you the same way and he keeps on writing letter to you and keeps it in a box to give you. Vashma then asks Amrit how come you landed here in kothi? Amrit says today was my marriage. Vashma gets shocked and says with whom?

Here, Veer comes to the Kothi and asks the owner about Vashma. Here, Amrit tells how she felt she saw Randhir but didn’t find her but got unconscious due to electric shock. Vashma says that means where I went to perform that was your wedding? Vashma says you go home. Amrir says yes, bua must be very worried. Vashma says bua and worried for you? Amrit tells how the scenario is different now. Amrit says I wish you could go with me and Vashma says I wish you could stay with me.

Vashma says but if you didn’t marry him then who was in palki? Amrit also gets confused. A servant calls Vashma. Vashma asks Amrit to stay here only and she goes out. Vashma gets surprised to see Veer. Veer tells I need your help and I need a girl like you who is beautiful who can pretend to be my wife for the time being as the girl whom I was about to marry ran away. Vashma asks tell your family the truth. Veer shuts her and says just tell ne if there is a girl or not. Vashma says don’t speak in loud voice with me but when you didn’t marry why are you after her? Veer says how he will kill Amrit if he ever finds her and he will surely find her. Veer says how I warned her not to leave me but she did that only. Veer says just tell me the price of my help and I will do it. Amrit is listening to all this from far.

Amrit thinks of everything Veer has told her. Amrit wears a suiye of Vashma. Vashma is shocked. Vashma asks her where are you going? Amrit says with Veer. Vashma tells Amrit he will kill you if he sees you. Amrit says or else he will ruin my family, I just said yes to him due to this. Amrir says I promised him I won’t run away so I can’t run away now. Vashma says no to her but Amrit is eager to go now.

Vashma takes Amrit with ghunghat on face to Veer. Vashma asks Veer to take care of her friend. Veer says don’t worry I won’t even look at her. Veer then asks Vashma if the girl is beautiful. Vashma nods yes.

Episode ends.

Precap: Vashma is in hospital and she sees Uday. Here, Veer instructs Amrit to do a good muh dikhayi and show everyone that she is the most beautiful girl.

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