Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th August 2021 Written Update: Amrit and her baby get saved!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir, Nalini and everyone seeing the good wishes for Amrit, Ranjhan. He thanks the people. Randhir says Amrit will get fine soon by your prayers. Everyone waits outside the OT. Doctor comes and says Amrit is fine, its a miracle that mum and child got saved despite such injury. Everyone hugs Randhir and Nalini. Randhir asks can I meet Amrit. Doctor says not now, she is unconscious now. Randhir thanks her. He goes to meet Amrit. She gets conscious. She asks about the baby. He says baby is brave like you, baby is fine. She hugs him. He says if anything happened to you, then I would have given my life. She says its enough, I won’t let Lord test our family now. Uday comes and meets her. He cries happily. He asks what happened. Amrit says I will pray that Vashma gets fine. Uday says I got to know that Manak is my Kabir. Randhir smiles. Uday says Bindu told me the truth, I was coming to tell this good news and all this happened with you. Amrit says I m very happy. Randhir says its time to fulfill our dreams. They laugh.

Amrit says dad used to ward off bad sight like this. Randhir jokes. She laughs. He asks her to get fine and come home, Nalini is waiting eagerly for her. She nods. Randhir and Uday bring Amrit home. Nalini does Randhir and Amrit’s aarti and tika. She does their grahpravesh also. Uday cares for Manak. Amrit steps inside the house. She sees the baby’s room and gets emotional. Nalini blesses her. Uday smiles seeing Manak. Amrit looks at Bindu. Bindu smiles. Amrit smiles. She asks Kaveri to do her tika. Randhir says no need to do this. Mohan scolds Kaveri.

He says she doesn’t want love, but her share, she was playing a game till now. Uday says you also play games well. Amrit asks can’t we celebrate this day happily, forgive Kaveri, she is really regretting. Kaveri apologizes. Nalini says her crime is equal to Vijender’s crime, he cheated us. Kaveri goes. Mohan asks Manak to study. Manak refuses. Mohan gets angry. Bindu says let him be. Mohan says he should study. He pulls Manak. Uday stops Mohan. He says you kept responsibility for long, no need now. He sends Manak with the servant. Kaveri cries. She says I don’t know why I came in Vijender’s words. She cries. Amrit consoles her.

She says maybe there was some weakness that Vijender used. Kaveri says yes, I loved this family a lot, I raised Veer and Randhir with me, when I needed them, they didn’t support me. Amrit asks what need. Kaveri says when the province was partitioned, they didn’t count me, they threw me out of the palace, they gave me a small house away from the palace, daughters don’t have any right, just men have the rights, my anger got high, I couldn’t tolerate this, this palace, this land was mine, but my name wasn’t there, I came back to get this, when I was alone, I used to feel insecure, then Vijender took an advantage of my situation, he plotted here, I got trapped, its my mistake also, that I stood against this family. Amrit says when everything got fine, then your relations with family will get fine, it will become more stronger. Kaveri says no, they will not forgive me so easily. Amrit thinks they will forgive you, its my accept, no one can snatch your rights.

Episode ends.

Manak holds Vashma’s hands. Mohan scolds Amrit. Amrit argues with him for Kaveri’s rights.