Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th June 2021 Written Update: Will Vijender’s truth comes out?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit telling Veer how he has a big responsibility on his shoulder. Amrit says to continue the family legacy, you need to leave alcohol as your senses is important to run your state. Amrit says this will get you Nalini on your side too. Veer gets emotional. The boy on wheelchair comes and tells Amrit that the person she brought is in critical condition. Amrit tries to take care of him. While Veer looks on. Suddenly a dairy falls from the man. Amrit sees it and says how do you have this as she remembers her diary and is surprised to find it. She looks at the man’s face and gets to know it’s baba/ Randhir’s dad. Amrit says you are alive? She gets shocked and gets flashback from old days in Lahore. They both are happy seeing each other.

Here, Vijender tells his son that this royal seat belongs to my son that is you. Flashback is shown where, Vijender made Veer used to hallucinating medicines so he got used to alcohol too. Flashback ends. Vijender says I made sure Nalini and Veer have a barrier between them. Vijender says I did became slave for that woman so that my son can get all the benefits and now the time has come. Vijender says Veer will never be able to take that seat. Vijender’s son says I can’t wait longer. Vijender says don’t ruin it just few days more, so just trust me and do what I say, I have arranged for you to stay in Mahal. Vijender says now final phase of our plan is here. Vijender says he knows where Nalini’s younger brother is.

Here, Amrit comes running to Randhir and says your dad is alive. Randhir is unable to believe it but Amrit takes him with her. Randhir is surprised and remembers his time with his dad. Amrit says I just met him and he had this diary too. Randhir takes the diary and reads it. Randhir and Amrit run to meet Randhir’s dad. Randhir thinks I searched everywhere I thought I lost him. Amrit calms him and takes him also warns him that he has lost his ability to say due to accident. Here, Veer takes Randhir’s dad on wheelchair. Randhir and Amrit are shocked to see empty bed. They ask the nurse. Randhir says you played with my feelings again. They rush outside. Veer is taking Randhir’s dad to the edge of terrace. Randhir says why was Veer here? Amrit says he was with me. Randhir says if Veer does anything with my dad then I will not leave him. Randhir’s dad shiver seeing the height. Randhir sees Veer and his dad on the edge of the terrace. Amrit says Veer don’t do it. He pretends to push when he shouts saying Randhir. Randhir and Amrit come to terrace. Veer is smiling. Randhir holds Veer’s collar. Randhir is about to hit Veer. Amrit says Veer did that so your dad can speak again. Randhir realises it. Veer says I was doing for good only. Veer apologies to Bauji and says I read it that when you have trauma then the same trauma brings the voice too.

Randhir hugs his dad and ask how he is. His dad calls Amrit and blessed her. He thinks Amrit is Randhir’s wife and says I want to stay with you both happily. Amrit is about to tell the truth but Veer says yes the wedding happened after partition, and today they got blessed by you. Randhir looks on. Here, Nalini panics and asks servant where are Veer and Amrit. Nalini thinks thief attacking Veer is not a good sign. Vashma comes and says sorry I came late. Nalini says I have to go for a meeting and I am unable to find the file, has Randhir said something. Vashma says yes I will bring it. Nalini asks her to come on time from next time.

Nalini is about to trip and fall on a knife when Vijender’s son save Nalini. Nalini thanks him and says who are you? Vijender says as there have been many violent cases in this mahal so I kept him as a body gaurd for you and Veer. Nalini says you are right. Here, Randhir asks Amrit and Veer what are they planning by manipulating my dad, we can lie to him now but when he will come to know then what? Amrit says I care for uncle that’s why I didn’t say. Randhir says loving you is my biggest mistake.

Episode ends.

Precap: Randhir says to Amrit he is unable to unlove Amrit. Here, Vijender plan to bring Nalini’s younger son.