Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th August 2021 Written Update: Bindu reveals the truth about Manak being Kabir!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Uday and Mohan fighting. Uday scolds him for keeping his son away. Amrit stops Uday. Nalini asks what’s happening here, will anyone tell me. Amrit says Manak is Uday and Vashma’s son, Mohan bought him from the man who had snatched the child from Vashma. Nalini asks what’s this Bindu. Bindu says I had given birth to a dead baby, Mohan got the stolen baby to me. Mohan says its truth, I had bought the stolen baby. Uday argues with him. Randhir asks them to stop it. He says we know you gave much love to Manak and gave him good upbringing, but you can’t make the child away from the parents, Uday and Vashma have the first right on him. Nalini says I know how it feels to be away from a child. Bindu says my life will get incomplete without Manak, but I can’t stay happy by keeping him away from his real parents, I couldn’t hide the truth from Uday. Randhir says we have to tell the big truth to Manak.

Its morning, Amrit and Randhir bring Manak to Vashma. Amrit asks Manak to be with Uday and help him. Manak says I will make Vashma fine in seconds. He holds Vashma’s hand. Vashma moves her fingers. They smile. Manak asks why is she not getting up. Randhir says she has gone in deep sleep, we have to wake her up. Manak says fine, we will tell her good stories. He sits talking to Vashma. Uday cries happily. He goes. Amrit says I felt if Manak stays with Vashma, maybe she gets conscious soon, it will be easy for us to tell the truth that he is Kabir, I convinced Mohan also, he has no objection with his coming. Uday says you are right, Vashma will get fine soon, if Kabir stays with Vashma, then she will get conscious. She says yes, don’t worry, we will go now, Manak is here with you. They leave.

Amrit stops Randhir. She likes the smell and checks the fruits. She sees the mango with the lady praying at the temple. She says I can’t have it from here. Randhir asks her to have it. Lady asks her to have the mango. Amrit eats the mango. Mohan gets upset and asks Bindu not to serve him food. Kaveri says Bindu needs your support, not your bitter words. Mohan taunts her. He says if you want to see us happy, then go away from us. Kaveri packs her bag. Amrit stops her. Kaveri says I don’t want to stay here, everyone hates me, I want to stay away and give them peace. Amrit asks where will you go. Kaveri says I will go somewhere. Amrit explains Nalini. She asks Nalini to forgive Kaveri. Randhir says don’t say this, you know Kaveri had done a lot to ruin our family, you are supporting her. Amrit says no one thought standing in her place, she did wrong, but wrong happened with her, she wasn’t given her share legally, if she had something, then she would not need to snatch anything, if she gets thrown out of the house, then she won’t have anything of her own, why are daughters not given any rights and property.

Mohan says because this always happens, daughters are a deposit of others’ house, they became guests, gifts are given to guests, not property rights. Amrit asks if the woman doesn’t get married, then will you make her out of the house, who will bring the change if not us. Mohan says stop dreaming. Amrit says Ranjhan teaches people to fulfill dreams, a woman will get equality rights, a daughter will get her share from her dad’s property, because its her birth right, not even her family can snatch her right. Mohan argues. He says now I have the responsibility, I will not give her any share from my property. Nalini says I have returned all the rights to Randhir. Mohan says maybe he is part of the ownership, this is my dad’s property, I am equally rightful. Amrit says you have one third share, not half, your dad had three children, Manohar, Mohan and Kaveri. Mohan says this won’t work here, you remember one thing, if Kaveri does any drama, then he will stop her expenses money also. He goes. Nalini says Amrit, your thinking is right, but very forward, I don’t want to help Kaveri, you get habitual to stay happy, I want a lovely child in my lap. Amrit says I will be happy when Kaveri gets her rights.

Episode ends.

Amrit says we women have to support each other. Nalini says I m with you. Vashma gets conscious. Uday says Manak is our Kabir.