Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th January 2021 Written Update: Mogar deceives Randheer’s parents

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

The episode starts with Randheer asking Amrit just to give her hand into his hand after which he can convince the whole world not only her father. Amrit looks at the hand he has brought ahead and holds it. Title track plays. The two look at each other and smile. Randheer wraps his hand around Amrit’s one and then softly caresses her face. She feels shy and walks away but feels a pull from behind. Randheer comes in front of her and Amrit realizes her dupatta got stuck with the railing. Randheer frees it and then wraps it around her. He laughs so she hits his shoulder. He behaves like he got hurt so she rubs on it. Mogar angrily looks at them and then walks away frustrated. Amrit asks Randheer if he is sure that he will convince Lala since she has seen lots of dreams in these small moments but they don’t know what tomorrow has in store for them.

On the other hand, Abrar tells Iqbal and his wife that Farooq is ashamed for what he has done and is ready to marry Vashma. The latter overhears them. Iqbal says that he agrees for the marriage only if Farooq promises not to ever suspect Vashma. The latter wants to go to tell what happened to Uday but Abrar says that she will stay in front of her every moment now and he won’t let her go to Amrit’s house. Vashma says that she won’t let him control over her while Abrar says that none can stop him from protecting his sister.

At the same time, Brij asks Radha what he was talking about with Uday. Radha thinks Uday has forbidden her to tell anything to Brij but she cannot lie to her husband. She pretends to have hiccups and then says that she was just teaching Uday not to hide anything from elders. They lie on bed. Radha is scared. Brij thinks that Uday told him something else and Radha’s answer was different therefore one of them is lying for sure.

The next morning, Radha apologizes to Lala. She says that she has grown up without family so she doesn’t know how to behave with elders and youngers. She joins her hands asking Lala to forgive her. Lala asks her to sit and says that from today onwards she will listen to religious stories with Amrit who has such a good mentality because she has been listening to these stories from childhood. He says he is proud of Amrit’s thinking. Amrit wonders if she will get her love like Sita and if Randheer’s father will be able to convince Lala.

In a car, Randheer explains his parents that he wants to marry Amrit and not Kiranbala and asks them to convince Lala at any cost. While his father is scared about Lala’s reaction, his mother says that Randheer will get the girl he wants only and Lala has no reason to say no to such a good looking son-in-law.

On the other hand, Vashma comes to Om Niwas with Abrar. She wants to stay but Abrar says guests are about to come here so they must leave. Radha notices she has a letter and, pretending to be looking at her dupatta, she manages to get it. Vashma and Abrar leave.

Radha goes to Uday’s room and gives him the letter. When she goes out, Brij questions her. She starts hiccupping so he understands she is lying. Uday comes and says that the laddus were good. Brij gets happy thinking Radha made laddus for Uday. Zara asks Brij to come with her since Rai Sahab has come. He leaves. Radha tells Uday that her lies get caught by her hiccups. He assures her that he will tell Brij about Vashma in one or two days.

Mogar tells Kiranbala to stop Lala for ten minutes before he meets the guests. Kiranbala goes to Lala and cries pretending to be missing her father a lot. Lala and also Brij try to comfort her.

In the meantime, Rai Sahab apologizes to Mogar telling her that Kiranbala is nice but Randheer likes Amrit and wants to marry her so he wants to talk to Lala about Amrit and Randheer. Randheer’s mother says that Randheer is a modern guy and they want him to marry the girl of his choice so that she and their son stays happy. Mogar cries but says that Amrit might be in Randheer’s destiny. She adds that there is something to talk about with them. Randheer is waiting for his parents to come back with an answer. Amrit looks at him from balcony. He seems nervous. Mogar tells Rai Sahab that she should talk with Lala about this matter otherwise he might take it wrongly.

When Lala comes, Mogar takes him away saying that she has to talk with him about something very important. At the same time, Randheer gestures Amrit to breath in and breath out calming down. The two hope Lala gets convinced. Mogar tells Lala that Randheer doesn’t want any dowry to be given and they should respect his will. She asks him not to talk about the matter outside since she told Karam and his wife that she will talk to him. Lala agrees and goes out saying that they accept Randheer’s will. Karam and his wife think he is talking about Randheer and Amrit’s alliance. They fix the engagement for tomorrow and say that tomorrow also the day of the marriage shall be fixed.

Karam and his wife get out and tells Randheer that Lala agreed. Randheer hugs his parents and exchange thumbs up with Amrit. Randheer leaves with his family and Amrit rushes inside. She hugs Lala who says that a girl has to leave her parents’ house one day.

Kiranbala is frustrated. Mogar comes in her room and tells her that everyone in their house think that she and Randheer are going to get engaged while Randheer and her parents think he and Amrit are going to get engaged. Amrit wants to talk with Mogar and Kiranbala. Mogar tells Kiranbala that Randheer won’t be able to say no in front of everyone tomorrow. Kiranbala asks what if he refuses. Mogar says that Lala will get enraged and will never let Randheer marry Amrit. She says that if Randheer doesn’t marry her then she won’t let him become Amrit’s too.

Amrit comes and says that she wants to apologize. She cries and apologizes to Kiranbala saying that she distanced herself from Randheer once she came to know his alliance got fixed with her but then she found it right when Randheer said that he won’t be happy with her (Kiranbala) and won’t be able to keep her happy too. Mogar eyes Kiranbala who hugs Amrit and pretends to be happy for her.

Amrit gets into Vashma’s room and tells her that she managed to come because Abrar left and will come back tomorrow evening only. Vashma tells her that Abrar suspects that Uday attacked Farooq. Amrit says that she had to come here to tell her a big news: she is going to get engaged with Randheer the next day. Vashma gets very happy. The two dance together. Amrit wishes everyone gets love like her. Vashma says that not everyone is this lucky but Amrit says that their families are friends and they might agree and defeat the wall of religion.

Episode ends

Precap: Uday and Vashma dance together. Uday lifts Vashma in his arms and Lala and Brij scold him. Lala says that it’s Kiranbala’s engagement so he doesn’t want to drag the matter. Amrit gets shocked realizing that Randheer and Kiranbala are going to get engaged.