Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th April 2021 Written Update: Will Veer know the girl he brought is Amrit?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nalini calling Bhanu. She tells him what he has done. Bhanu says how he was never a person who is a gold digger and it happened because Veer came himself and that’s why he couldn’t refuse. Nalini says I don’t care who you were before, I just care about what happened and remember if your refugee sister thinks she will become rani then it won’t happen. Bhanu takes a leave. Here, Veer brings Amrit to his room and shows her where the washroom is and where the wadrobe is. Amrit tries saying something but Veer says I don’t want to listen to your voice neither want to see your face. Veer says I dreamt of bringing that girl weded nicely but she betrayed me and went for her own benefit. Veer then sleeps on sofa with alcohol and Amrit sleeps on bed. Amrit remembers her talks about Suhaagraat with Randhir. Amrit says how everyone is teasing her in the name of suhaagraat but she doesn’t know what is so special about it. Randhir laughs and says this innocence is what I like about you. Randhir then says Suhaagraat is an amazing time for both bride and groom who plan their future together and make promises for lifetime whole night. Flashback ends.

It’s morning, Amrit wakes up seeing the room is all dark. She then thinks it’s better only as Veer won’t be able to see me. She then finds for light and switches on the light. She listens to veer murmuring something in sleep while he sleeps in the bath tub. She goes inside and Veer holds her dupatta in sleep. Amrit panics. She then sees a jug of water and throws water on Veer’s face. Then she rushes with keeping ghunghat. Veer wakes up. Amrit trips over Veer’s gun. Veer shouts at Amrit and asks her to keep the gun and if she ever does this again she will be punished. Veer then says this gun is made to kill that girl who ran away. Amrit says everyone alwaya has reason maybe she really had some reason to do so. Veer says then why did you throw water? Amrit gets worried. Veer says you just get ready nicely as today is important and I want to win. Veer gives her dress and goes.

Vashma comes in a burkha infront of Uday’s house. She thinks it’s good thay Uday is not here in Delhi and she will just keep this letter of Amrit here and leave. Here, Uday is on her way back home. Vashma goes inside the house and sees Bhanu and smiles. She keeps it at the room’s entrance where Bhanu is there. Suddenly she hears Uday’s voice. She remembers their moments in flashback. She smiles but then she tries to go before he sees her. She collides with Uday and Uday sees her eyes. They both look at each other. she runs. Uday tries to stop her but then she leaves. Uday sees the letter and reads it. Uday is shocked to know that Amrit is married. Uday confronts Bhanu and he is silent.

Here, Mohan comes with his wife to meet Nalini. Nalini and Vijender treata them nicely but Mohan starts taunting how this mahal has no people with standard and now even Veer brought a refugee. This makes Nalini angry on Veer. Here, Veer tells Amrit that it’s her muh dikhayi today. Amrit worries.

Precap: Amrit will be made to sit and Veer will say you all will see the most beautiful girl today. Here, Randhir will ask the Mahal gaurds that he needs to meet Rani sahiba. Amrit will worry that Veer will see her face and kill her.

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