Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th August 2021 Written Update: Vashma gains consciousness!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit asking Mohan to come for the play. Mohan says I will come, I will make fun of your efforts, I will not let anyone give Kaveri her share. He goes. Amrit says its fine, we will win. Randhir says I know, we will win, else it will be our failure. She says it will be first step to bring a change in the society. Manak says I want to become like you in hockey, I will become like my dad. Uday asks what do you love the most. Manak says pink toffee. Uday buys it for him. He says if you have to go to someone who loves you a lot, will you go. Manak says no one can love me more than my mum and dad, I won’t go anywhere. Amrit talks to Vashma. She asks Vashma to get up and support her. She says think of Kabir and get up to meet him. She cries.

Randhir says no girl has come to meet for the play, what will I tell Amrit now. Servant says a girl has come for the play. The girl Anita comes and talks to them. She says I already acted in two plays, I read Ranjhan’s stories, I came knowing she wrote this play. Anita’s brother comes there. He gets angry on her. He asks her to come home. Randhir asks him to leave her. He stops the man. He says acting isn’t a bad thing. The man says I don’t want to hear your nonsense, its work of shameless people to act in play. He takes her. Nalini stops Randhir. He says because of such people, girls don’t get freedom. Nalini says its tough to find an actress. Kaveri says I want to become a part of the play. Bindu says I also want to act. Randhir says great, we need three women, we can practice if we get someone else. Nalini says I will try if you say. Randhir hugs her.

Vashma’s mum and dad come there. Uday asks how is Vashma. Amrit says she is still the same, she will get fine soon, what happened. He says nothing. They go and see Vashma. Uday says her parents are coming, if they see Vashma, won’t they ask me, what will I answer them. She says everything will be fine, they know you love Vashma a lot, few things are such. He asks why do we need to bear all this. He says I have handled Vashma, how will I tell her that Kabir is Manak, he is not ours now, we can’t snatch his happiness, its better that I let him stay with his family, his mum, I can’t ruin his happiness, I will explain Vashma that we shall forget Kabir and move on. She says you should decide this with Vashma. Vashma shivers. They get worried for her. Randhir comes to Uday’s house. He calls out Amrit. He goes to Vashma’s room. He sees the doctor and asks is she fine. Doctor says her mind and body are reacting, she will be fine soon. Amrit thanks him. She says I told you, everything will be fine. Uday says yes. Randhir says a little hope gives us courage, Vashma will be fine. She meets Iqbal and Zaheda. They see Vashma. They are glad that Amrit is with Vashma.

Iqbal says I m proud of you, if Lala was here, then he would be so proud, don’t cry, you work on your mission. Amrit says I m going to fight a battle, bless me that I win. He blesses her. She hugs him.

Its morning, Amrit and everyone do the aarti. Vashma gets conscious. Uday holds her hand. He gets happy. Nalini wishes the best to Amrit for the play. Amrit says its our play. Nalini does tilak to everyone except Kaveri. Randhir asks Mohan to surely come. Mohan goes. Amrit says if I get a daughter, then it will be for her rights as well, its for girls who don’t get their rights. Uday brings Vashma there. Everyone smiles. Amrit hugs Vashma. Mohan looks on worried. Uday says Vashma came out of coma, she woke up, she is identifying everyone, I spoke to her and then got her here. Vashma says you said you need your friend, your voice was reaching my ears, I was trying hard, but couldn’t say anything, how could I leave you alone, where is my Kabir, I want to see him. Bindu says you had to stay away from your son because of me, I m happy that he will get your love, after the play, we will tell him the entire truth, he will stay with you always, not me. She cries.

Episode ends.

Amrit and Randhir talk to the people and present the play. Vashma says Kabir will stay happy with you more than us. Iqbal says you don’t know the happiness of having children.