Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st February 2021 Written Update: Amrit learns that Randhir and Kiranbala are going to marry

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amrit wondering about Randhir’s opinion of her. Vashma teases her and says that he might have left silently but by tomorrow his answer will come. She pecks on her cheek and says that he will surely have found her beautiful. Amrit feels shy.

On the other hand, Randhir stops Sarfu wondering who the girl he is going to get married with is. Sarfu tells him that her name is Kiranbala.

Amrit and Vashma goes to Brij’s room to give him something that he left in the hall but stops on their steps when they see the whole room decorated for suhaag raat. Amrit’s mother comes and takes them out after apologizing to Brij. She tells Amrit and Vashma that Brij isn’t alone anymore so they knock or ask before entering in his room.

Amrit and Vashma laugh after the former’s mother leaves. Vashma says that they have seen suhaag raat wala room for the first time, after all they have seen it only in movies. Amrit gets sad thinking that their parents would send them away one day after not letting them talk to any guy in whole life. She wishes it was possible to be friend with the future husband before wedding so that they can know and trust each other after the marriage. Vashma looks at Uday who is coming towards them and agrees with her. Vashma teases him and then tells him that he should play hockey well since he has understood how to convince his coach. She leaves.

Radha enters her room but is about to slip. Brij holds her on time. She says that she isn’t used to walk with gungath. Brij says that he asked her to keep her face covered in front of strangers and not her dear ones. He is about to remove her gungath but she does it herself happily. She praises the decoration of the room asking whether he always sleeps with such flowers and all. They sit on bed and Brij asks whether her sister-in-law told her about the relation of husband and wife. Radha makes list of what she was told but then stops seeing a big rat. She starts chasing it. Mogar listens to them from outside. Brij falls on bed. Radha catches the rat that gets on him and throws it away. When she comes back, she sees that Brij has fallen asleep already.

The next morning, Mogar complains while working. Radha comes there and starts putting the dishes on the shelves telling about the rat that came to their room last night after Mogar asks her if she slept well. Mogar tells Amrit’s mother that she doesn’t understand anything. Amrit’s mother says that she is still young. Mogar replies that she had Kiranbala in her lap when she was of her age and Amrit has same age but must know everything.

Uday sees Brij struggling to pick up something but his father strops him before he can help and calls Radha who rushes there. She greets Uday and asks whether he wants something but he leavers answering rudely. She then helps Brij.

On the other hand, Amrit reads her horoscope on newspaper and it says that her true love will come at her door before 8am. She sees Vashma at the door and laughs saying that here comes her true love. A dupatta she was hanging drops on road and she goes to pick it up. She thinks it has dropped on Vashma and ties it around who she thinks is Vashma telling her about her horoscope. She says that it’s her bad luck to have found her instead of her true love. Under the dupatta, there is not Vashma but Randhir who removes the dupatta and looks at her. Abdul asks Amrit to look behind. She looks behind and gets surprised seeing Randhir there. Randhir says that she has not such a bad luck though. Amrit smiles shyly and runs inside the house followed by Randhir.

Randhir greets Lala. Kiranbala sees him and wonders what he is doing there. Amrit wants to talk with Vashma about what happened but she is out. Randhir sits to talk with Lala and family and they talk about his newspaper. Lala says that it is great except for Ranjan’s stories. Amrit listens to them and gets sad hearing that Lala wants to file case to Ranjan if only he could. Randhir says that Ranjan’s stories have the power to bring a change, it is a new way of thinking. He talks about women’s progress abroad while in India women think only about cooking. He makes coffee and says that men can make tea too. Lala refuses to have foreigner tea or any foreigner thinking.

Meanwhile, Radha is bathing Brij who is trying to hold her hand while she is rubbing soap on her body. She asks him why Uday stays upset with her and Brij asks her not to think about that. He then gifts her some golden bangles.

On the other hand, Amrit goes to Randhir’s room to put water jug there and notices the cartoons he has drawn. She stares at them. Randhir sees her there.

Later, Uday and Vashma argue for the way Vashma convinced his coach to give him second chance. Vashma asks whether he is jealous but Uday denies that. Amrit scolds them for arguing like this. Radha is struggling to wear bangles so she comes to them. Uday gets upset seeing her and walks away. Radha wonders why he is always angry. Vashma chuckles. Amrit helps Radha to wear her bangles. Mogar gets jealous seeing that Radha got such big golden bangles.

After a while, Amrit buys a book and reads it aloud. Randhir hears her and stares at her. She notices his presence and gets up. Randhir says that it’s surprising to see girls of her age reading such books. Amrit questions why he is keeping interest in what girls of her age like or dislike. Randhir replies that he is confused about why she was staring at the cartoon he made in his room as well. He takes out an anklet from his pocket and says that he was wondering when she will come to get it back. Amrit realizes she has lost one of her anklets. He accepts to give her back the anklet if she tells him about Ranjan but Amrit says that she doesn’t know about that. He asks about Kiranbala but she runs away as she gets called by her mother.

Amrit goes to her parents’ room where her mother scolds for putting sand in Randhir’s water and says that thankful Abdul changed that water on time. Her parents think she doesn’t like it. She gets shocked when her father says that he is going to marry Kiranbala.

Episode ends

Precap: Amrit tells Vashma that she has given her heart to Randhir. The latter says that life is his therefore he decides with whom he should spend it. Vashma prays for Uday to get successful while he is playing hockey. Brij teaches counting to Radha who suddenly remembers one thing a husband has to give to his wife but he can’t. He feels angry.

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