Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st June 2021 Written Update: Amrit to know Veer’s secret?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Uday and Vashma coming to the room. Uday says how can anyone stop you from meeting Randhir, come we will take you. Veer tries to stop them but they leave. Uday tells the constable how can they forbide Randhir from meeting anyone. Amrit sees Randhir awake. Randhir is writing the letter and stops seeing Amrit. Veer also comes with them bringing Vijender with him. Amrit tells to Vijender now Randhir is not sleeping, so she can meet. Vijender is unable to stop Amrit. Amrit goes to Randhir and asks what did you want to tell me? Randhir is unable to tell infront of Veer. They both get emotional. After a while, Vijender asks Amrit to leave. Randhir thinks I hope Amrit understood what I wanted to say. Veer feels relieved that Amrit and Randhir couldn’t talk.

Next day, Veer is sleeping, Amrit comes there singing and dancing, Veer wonders what happened. Amrit says I am very happy as Saroj realised that it was not Randhir who came to her house. Amrit says now she will take back rhe complaint. Veer gets tensed but pretends to be happy. Amrit says I am going to call papa ji. Amrit leaves. Veer thinks to go to Saroj. He goes to hall and sees Saroj sitting facing her back, Veer asks her why is she leaving such a nice opportunity to make Randhir out of this scenario. Veer tries to fill her ears. It is actually Amrit, she stands up and faces Veer with pointing a gun at him. She threatens him why he did this. Amrit says I heard all those things how you consider Randhir kebab mein haddi.

Flashback is shown where Amrit has got the letter from Randhir. Amrit is shocked reading Veer is behind all this. Then, she thinks to plan this act. Flashback ends. Amrit shows how disappointed she is with Veer. Veer holds her in anger and says yes he is like that, he will get Amrit. Amrit says never. Veer says there is a hearing for Randhir tomorrow and only he has the proof so Amrit can’t save Randhir by being stubborn. Veer says you have to marry me if you need the proof to save your love, Randhir. Amrit says I will never do that. She goes.

Here, Nalini gets call from party leader asking about Randhir. Nalini tries to defend Randhir saying nothing is proved yet. Chachi comes and says Nalini shouldn’t let Randhir’s mistakes hamper her political life. Nalini goes into deep thinking. Here, Veer comes to Vijender and tells him Amrit knows everything and they need to do something.

Amrit comes to Bhanu’s house searching for Uday. She asks Saroj about Uday but she has no idea. Amrit then decided to go on proof searching herself. She goes and aska many people near the area where Randhir’s car got broken but everyone denies seeing Randhir.

Here, Vijender and Veer are talking when Vijender sees Uday and changes the topic. Vijender says we have a suspect that someone came dressed up as Randhir and he is in agra station. Vijender says it would be great if we can arreat that person then Randhir will be saved. Listening to this, Uday agrees to go. Vijender says that thw whole day will go in this and if he is ready? Uday says yes it’s his duty to save his brother Randhir. Uday aska Vashma to be with Amrit. Vashma agrees. Uday leaves with Vijender. Veer thinks now Uday won’t be able to know his truth.

Here, Amrit sees the blind beggar whom Randhir had described about. Amrit goes there and asks him if he remembers anyone coming her due to broken car. The baggar says many people come here and have their cars broken and I can’t even see so how can I tell. Amrit feels helpless. The beggar aska for money. Amrit gives him. The beggar comments how she could have given 4 ana rather than just 1. Amrit doesn’t notice this Amrit cries and prays to god to help her. Suddenly she thinks how does the beggar knew she gave 1 ana. She looks at him.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer and Amrit marry while Amrit thinks to do a sacrifice for love.