Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th August 2021 Written Update (last episode): Nalini and Kaveri reconcile!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir and Amrit welcoming everyone in the play. Randhir says Amrit has written this play titled Zameen ka Tukda/a piece of land. She says this story is of a story who has given birth to three daughters, her husband has punished her and made her leave the house, he had promised her that he will support her in joy and sorrow, he didn’t think his daughters are a reason of joy, that mother didn’t lose, she had raised her daughters, but the men have always thought women are weak, one of the sister fell for a handsome young guy, she had agreed to cheat her own sister, that man had cheated them and looted them for money, he had disappeared one day. Nalini, Kaveri, Bindu and Randhir play the act. Amrit says both the sisters didn’t wish to talk to each other, the third sister also suffered in her life, someone had cheated her and ran away with her baby, he had sold the baby to some stranger for money, think what did that mother go through. Vashma and Uday play the roles. Mohan looks on.

Amrit says Bharat Maa got angry and appeared in front of those women, the women asked why they are not considered a human, why are they always troubled. She says Bharat Maa went on to show the rage on the men, those cheaters who did wrong with those women, the men had to lose their lives, when Lord had made a woman, he gave them a big heart, the women saw the men in trouble, they had gone to save those men, the women also sacrificed their lives while saving those men. She says I want to ask a woman’s soul, why did she want to save the man who did wrong with her. Kaveri says dreams broke in eyes, I lost my loved ones, blood relations are saved, I m proud of the women that we do this work better then men, blood relation is not like that of a husband and wife, but it stays till the end of life. She reminds the relation of a brother and sister. Mohan gets emotional. Kaveri says this relation stays forever even after death. Amrit says you all have cried seeing these women’s stories, they are alive, you don’t have to go anywhere to save them, but just accept them, they need your love and expressions, they don’t want to become better than you, they want quality, is it a crime to ask for love, how long will they get scared that they will get ousted from the house any time, till when will this go on. Everyone claps. The man says I will give equality to my wife and sister. Another man apologizes to his sister.

Kaveri sees Mohan. He leaves. Nalini says we shouldn’t get apart because of a bad man, we are more close than sisters. She hugs Kaveri. Kaveri thanks her. Manak asks did you get your son. Vashma says no. Manak says you think I m your son till you get your son back. He hugs Vashma.

Mohan packs bags. He comes to Kaveri. He says Didi, forgive me, I have always felt unseen here, maybe that’s why I got greedy for the property, this made me away from my family. He says this is your share, I have signed, no one can take your share from you. Kaveri cries. Mohan says you write so well, Amrit, your words opened my eyes. Amrit and everyone smile. Randhir hugs Mohan. Mohan says Uday, if possible, then forgive me, its my love for my son, think of it as my love, selfishness or anything, but forgive me. He gives Manak’s bag to Vashma. Vashma says Manak explained us that every mum should be happy, how could I upset Bindu. She says Kabir will stay happy with you, more than us, I can’t break his relation with you to make a new relation with us, Uday was also worried for this, we will not make Manak our Kabir. Mohan and Bindu smile. Iqbal says think well and decide, you don’t know the happiness of having a child. Vashma says I have tolerated many sorrows without Kabir, I can know the happiness, I don’t want to put his happiness at stake. Amrit hugs her.

After few months, the political event goes on. Everyone attends it. Amrit is with her baby. Randhir shows the trophy to her. The party chief says Amrit has brought good name for herself and also our state, I want Amrit to come on the stage and say a few words. Randhir asks Amrit to go. Amrit goes on the stage. She says I m able to say my heart out and get respect from you all. She tells about her young days, the girls never thought they could be equal to guys. She says I m sure that girls will get freedom soon, we will break these chains if you all support us, we can’t leave the present for the future, we will fulfill the dream today itself. She asks Vashma to come, they will live the dream today. They play the dhol and dance. Vashma teaches dance to the locality girls. Vashma gets blessed with a baby. Uday becomes the hockey team captain and wins a medal. Randhir gets famous and makes his newspaper famous as well. He fights for getting women empowered. Amrit writes my stories still reach the houses and wake up people with the message that today’s woman isn’t inferior to any man. She smiles.

The end.