Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st June 2021 Written Update: Veer and Randhir to unite?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st June 2021 Written Updateon

Episode begins with Nalini asking Randhir to call everyone for puja. Here, Veer is in backyard where he drew a face on pillar, he talks to the pillar about all his pain and all the things he did for getting Amrit in his life. Randhir listens Veer saying about Veer blackmailing Amrit for releasing Randhir. Randhit realises that it was all an act and he gets very angry. He starts beating Veer. He says how could you stoop so low? You took away my Amrit from me? He beats Veer.

Here, Amrit is praying to god while a servant is taking the laundary clothes where Veer’s part of the torn pic is there. It flies and comes near Amrit. Amrit sees it and picks it. She sees and attaches her half of the pic. Amrit realises that Veer and Randhir are brothers. She gets shocked. She remembers all past events. Servant says this id Veer and his younger brother’s pic. Amrit rushes to tell this. Amrit searches for Veer and Randhir. Here, they are fighting.

Amrit comes and stops Randhir from beating Veer. Amrit says Veer is your elder brother. They both get shocked. They stop and get up. Randhir says all this is lie. Randhir is going to punch Veer when Amrit stops him giving him swear. Amrit gives them their part of pictures. Amrit says what does this pic mean to you. Randhir says I don’t know but I know it’s related to childhood. Veer says this is my younger brother. Then she exchanges the pic and they see their pics. Veer and Randhir are shocked.

Here, everyone waits for Havaan. Nalini taunts Veer for being absent. Nalini decides to do Haavan by herself. Vijender is happy to see the rift.

Amrit says maybe Savita wanted to tell you that you aren’t her own son. Veer says Prem and I were fighting and got this pic torn. He checks Randhir’s foot for the birthmark. Vashma goes to get Nalini’s purse. She gets a toy there. Naman comes and teases her. She gets angry. He asks her to dance. She says I m not Noor, get away. He holds her hand. He says your past won’t change if you change your name and place. He stops her from going. He asks her to dance. She slaps him. She says you can’t scare me, I have fought with my life, I m not scared with anything. She scolds him. He says you don’t know me and my dad. Vijender comes and says Vashma, Nalini is calling you. She goes and thinks to give a solid answer to Naman. Veer says Prem was also hurt at this spot on his foot. Amrit asks is this Prem’s locket. Veer says yes, it was taken for both of us, Prem had this locket when he fell down. They see Randhir gone.

Episode ends.

Vijender asks Naman to act in front of Nalini. Veer says we found Prem. He gets Randhir. Nalini gets shocked.