Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Amrit to know about Anandita?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrit opening a cupboard having pictures of Anandita. It all paintings. Here, Vashma in the kothi thinks about sensing Uday ealier. She gets ready but thinks about the happy moment. Vashma says everyone today thought I am singing for them but I was singinh for myself and Uday. Vashma says after so many years I got to feel your touch, it was so precious. Vashma thinks to wear the burkha and go to see Uday from far. She comes out of the room and sees Veer. Vashma says how come you are here? Veer says how did you get that girl? Vashma says she was founf fainted and some guy brought her here. Veer says brought here? Vashma says you saw her face, so remember that she is the most beautiful soul so take care of her. Veer says I know she was trying to run with her lover and the olan failed so she came here, I will prove that you are lying. Veer goes.

Here, Uday comes home. Bua asks Uday where is Amrit? Why didn’t she come? Saroj asks is she coming back. Bhanu says leave it, Uday sit, you have come from far. He asks Saroj to make kheer for him. He asks when are you going to Patiala camp again. Bhanu says Gupta came with his daughter’s alliance, he is doing a good work, they teach the girls who are sold at the brothel. Uday argues with them. He says you have ruined Amrit, you sold her. Bhanu says talk to her with respect. Uday says you didn’t think about Amrit, Randhir was her only hope, you didn’t think of her, you sent her to the stranger. She says she also got the profits from it, she is sensible, she is living a luxurious life there, you also forget Vashma. Uday asks her not to take her name. She says love is useless, just money helps, Gupta’s daughter’s alliance came, you agree for this alliance, but you have to ruin your life for Vashma and her baby.
Uday says stop it, what do you know about Vashma and my relation, if I m a body, then she is my soul, you will know if you love someone by soul, you will never understand it. Bhanu asks him to stop it. They fight. Bua asks them to stop it for Lala’s sake. Saroj asks Bhanu to leave it. Uday angrily goes. He cries and says where are you Vashma, what shall I do. He collides with Vashma. She turns to go. He asks her to take her bag. She stumbles. He holds her. He gets shocked seeing Vashma. She says I would have got anything I wished today, I was worried for Amrit, I wished to see you, we met this way. They hug. He asks where did you go, did you not think of me once, I was finding you since long time. She asks will you hear bitter truth or sweet lie. He says bitter or sweet, I want to hear the truth, just the truth, tell me. She says I stay away. He pushes her away. She imagines this. She turns to him. She takes her bag. She thinks its right to forget everything. She leaves. Nalini asks Amrit not to do work, servants will do the work, sit and have food. Nalini asks Amrit to have the bread with fork and knife. Amrit tries.

Mohan asks Sattu to make butter paratha for Amrit. Nalini says she has to learn our royal ways soon. Bindu says our Rohit is 5 year old, its fine, he also eats cutlet with fork and knife, you will learn. Mohan says Rohit is our blood, this refugee girl won’t know it. Nalini says its fine, take time. Vijender comforts Amrit and asks her to have the cutlet with her hands. Nalini asks Vijender to keep it down. Vijender asks how does it matter. Nalini asks him to keep it down and wipe his hands with the napkin. Vijender cleans his hand. Veer comes there. He feeds Amrit by his hands. He says Lord has given me this precious gift. Nalini gets angry. Veer says I didn’t read Ved and Shastra, we can take benefit from it, I will also have food by my wife’s hands today. Amrit asks why are you doing this. He smiles and says you are my wife for my family and the world, so be a lovely wife. She thinks you are creating troubles for me.

Veer says I have felt your every word, does such love exist. He shows the painting to Randhir. Randhir smiles.