Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Amrit to agree to marry Randhir!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir telling Amrit that she caught her lies. Amrit is shocked. Randhir says I will ask you all these questions after you become my wife. Nalini and Kaveri come there shocked. Vijender is also shocked. Randhir says I only called you all via letter as I am marrying Amrit. Nalini asks if he is out of his mind? Randhir says finally I could see the real picture, my love for Amrit is not that weak so I am marrying Amrit today and right now.

Amrit backs off and says it can’t happen, I can’t marry you. Randhir says why can’t you marry me? You have to tell me the reason. Amrit gets emotional and says doctor has said I can never become a mother and can’t give this family a hier. Vijender tells Randhir how it is the outcome of the wound Amrit got.

Amrit asks Randhir to think judiciously as he needs to think of the family and Nalini’s wishes too. Amrit remembers her old days while marrying Randhir. Suddenly a red dupatta covers Amrit’s head. Randhir becomes happy seeing her like that. Kaveri is upset and angry and so is Nalini. Randhir makes Amrit strong and makes her believe un herself. Amrit is confused. Randhir takes Amrit by her hand but Amrit asks him to stop and back offs.

Kaveri asks Nalini to ask Randhir to stop the drama, I also sacrificed my love then why can’t Randhir do. Amrit makes Randhir understand that the family needs a heir and so does Nalini. Randhir says a small thing like this can’t be a problem. Randhir says if after marriage something like this would have happened then would we have left each others? Randhir asks Amrit to think about herself too not about others.

Uday asks Amrit not to leave Randhir, since when did she become so weak, she isn’t able to fight the world, come to the mandap. Randhir stops Uday. He says now we won’t tell her anything, she will decide it now, I will know the depth of her love today, does she want to see me happy or ruined. He sits in the mandap. Amrit recalls him. She comes and sits in the mandap.

Nalini and Kaveri look on. Uday does the gathbandhan. Randhir and Amrit take the wedding rounds. Randhir makes her wear the mangalsutra. He asks Amrit’s permission to fill her maang, to keep her happy always. Amrit nods. He fills sindoor in her maang. They smile. They go to take Nalini’s blessings. Nalini goes. Randhir says we will make all the difficulties easy. Amrit nods.

Episode ends.

Amrit wipes her hair. Randhir fills sindoor in her maang. They hug. Kaveri says we have to make Nalini believe that Randhir is an imposter, he isn’t her real son, then Randhir and Amrit will be out of this palace.

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