Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Vijender and Amrit to bond!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode starts with Veer asking Amrit to feed him. Amrit says don’t do this. Veer says you are my wife infront of all. Veer says Rani ma will not mind feed me. Veer bites Amrit’s fingers while she feeda him. Veer says whose pin is this that hurt me. Amrit says from next time do remember that a girl also stays with you so her things will also stay in this house now. Veer gets angry and goes. Amrit sees payal in her things and remembers how Randhir gave her the payal.

Next day, Veer finds her room locked. He forces the door and opens it and sees Amrit coming from bath. Veer says why was the door locked? Are you trying to escape again? Amrit says I was bathing bur you are so insecure. Veer says you have earned this doubt and from next time don’t lock the door. Veer goes. Here, Randhir comes to the Mahal and tells the gaurd I am Randhir and I have come to meet Veer. Gaurd says yes he told me, please come. Here, Amrit hears voice of payal and thinks in this family no one wears payal then where is this voice coming from? Amrit finds Veer making the noise. Veer says I knew you would come to me. Amrit says I have a name so you can call me by my name. Veer says these Payal are for you but it’s not a gift from me, these are handcuffs for you, you will wear it right now so that I know where you are going. Amrit says I am here because of my promise to you so I am here and will be here don’t worry. Amrit takes the payal and says I will wear it later. Veer says I told you to wear it now. Amrit wears it and says look now I have wore it. She is about to go but Veer says I want to get familiar with the noise of the payal, walk here. Amrit has tears in her eyes and walks from here to there. Veer enjoys it and drinks. Amrit takes a knife to cut the payal but she gets hurt instead. Veer sees it and wipes the blood. Veer says some relations hurts if you try to break them. Amrit says you give me punishment and healing too. Veer says I don’t want any criminal spot in my life. Amrit says you are alone from inside and have not been able to get along with any relations. Veer says talk properly. Amrit says why what will you do now? Put a lock on my mouth? Veer says I am a free bird and have nothing to lose. Veer goes. Amrit thinks there must be some wound inside you which is forcing you to behave like this.

Amrit comes to Vijender and helps him setting the gun. Amrit says I learnt to use guns from my father hidingly. Vijender says I should be afraid. They laugh. Vijender thanks her. Amrit says thanks to you. Vijender says I saw a few years back Vijender in you. Amrit is about to go but then she asks Vijender who is Anandita. Vijender asks did you see her paintings? Amrit says yes. Vijender says she was Veer’s childhood love and they were about to marry but things broke off so he got to hear a lot of taunts and scolding, he is broke. Amrit says do they still love each other. Vijender says maybe. Amrit says can I ask you one more thing?

Here, Veer and Randhir meet and they start painting work. Veer says don’t be shy, tell me everything considering me your brother. Randhir feels comfortable and starts discribing her by seeing thier past memories. Veer says how romantic. Randhir says I am sorry to say but it feels like you haven’t felt such love till now.

Here, Amrit calls Anandita. Amrit asks her can we meet? Anandita says who are you? Amrit says please don’t cut the call, I want to know if you still love Veer as he still loves you, I have seen in his eyes. Anandita cuts the call.

Randhir says she weara a om locket. Veer says here you go, the picture of your love. Randhir smiles seeing the pic and remembers past events. Veer sees the pic and thinks something seriously.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer says sorry I made my wife instead of your lover. Randhir asks Veer her name. Veer says I hope no one has to take the name, it’s Amrit. Randhir is shocked. Uday lands up in a fight and Vashma falls down.