Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Lala agrees to let Randheer and Amrit’s engagement happen

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lala affirming that if Randheer is going to marry in this house then he will marry Kiranbala and none else. He doesn’t want to add anything more. Randheer’s mother points out that he hasn’t even asked once to her sister why she didn’t tell him anything. Karam says that they came to talk with him but Mogar said she will talk and asked them to leave. Mogar asks why they are trapping her. Lala asks her to swear on Kiranbala. She accepts that she did what she felt was right: she is a widow, her daughter’s alliance was getting broken and she couldn’t think anything else to let her late husband’s promise get fulfilled.

Mogar accuses Amrit for flirting with Randheer despite knowing that his alliance has been fixed with Kiranbala. She shows the letter Amrit has written for Randheer. Lala asks Brij to read it. Mogar asks him to ask directly to Amrit. The latter looks down. Lala understands and grabs a photo of elders asking Amrit to step on it and ruin their reputation. Rajrani says that in the letter Amrit is just clearing Randheer’s misunderstanding and asks Amrit to speak up: she doesn’t have any feeling for Randheer in her heart. Amrit recalls confessing her love for Randheer to Vashma. She touches elders’ pictures with her head and then hangs it back on the wall. She accepts in front of Lala that she wants to marry Randheer Raizada shocking everyone. Karam and his wife smile. Amrit adds that she doesn’t want to marry him without Lala’s blessing. She explains that it is true that she started liking Randheer but she didn’t want to snatch Kiranbala’s right: she really thought he got convinced otherwise she had backed off long ago. Mogar denies and says that the truth is that she got jealous of Kiranbala and tried getting Randheer but the latter speaks up saying that Amrit always stopped him reminding about elders’ promise when he talked about his feelings and it was his decision to talk with his parents. Randheer says that he fell in love with her thinking and way of being.

Mogar blames Amrit for doing magic on Randheer and making him talk like this and asks if anyone if they knew about what is going on in Amrit’s mind. Uday says he did; he reveals that he heard Lala and Rajrani talking about Randheer’s alliance and thought it is going to be with Amrit so he gave her the good news. He apologizes for creating such a big misunderstanding. Lala is disappointed. Mogar keeps blaming Amrit and says that Kiranbala is shedding tears of blood for getting insulted and that happened because she doesn’t have any father. She leaves crying. Guest gossip that engagement might not happen.

Lala breaks down and falls. Amrit goes to him crying and asks him to believe her: she didn’t plot anything. Lala asks her to truly answer him whether she fell in love with Randheer despite everything. Amrit stays silent. Lala blames his upbringing and removes his turban saying he has no right to wear it. He remembers Amrit saying that she listens to Ranjhan’s stories but doesn’t believe them but respects his sanskaar and now he understands she was lying.

Lala tells Raizaada family that he won’t ever happen what they thought. Randheer asks what the problem is: he loves his daughter who loves him back and he will keep her happy. He says that his promise must not be bigger than his daughter’s happiness. Lala says that they couldn’t keep one promise and ask how they will keep seven promises. Randheer snaps that those promise will be made by him and not imposed on him. Lala says that this is the respect he has for elders. Randheer says that he doesn’t will to disrespect him but insists that he should think of Amrit’s happiness. Bhanu grabs his collar for talking with his father like this. Brij stops Bhanu.

Rajrani asks Vashma to take Amrit away. Vashma leaves with Amrit. Uday follows them and apologizes to Amrit for not realizing what his younger sister was getting through as he was busy with himself. He is sorry and says that he should have helped to clear Randheer’s misunderstanding on time. Amrit hugs him.

Randheer’s mother puts the whole blame on Mogar and says that they are a big name in Karachi yet came there for their son’s happiness but they are showing attitude. She affirms that she will be waiting in hall: she came there to get his son engaged and will leave after making the engagement happen. She goes back to the hall and asks the women to start singing again.

On the other hand, Kiranbala is crying. Mogar says that it is not time to cry but to engage with Randheer. She complains about how her husband’s business flopped yet her brothers didn’t make him ghar jamaai and she was thrown out of the in laws house after her husband’s death after which she had to come back here. She says that her husband did one good thing: fixing her alliance with Randheer. Kiranbala asks how she will get married to him now. Mogar replies that she will get disreputable with him. She rmeoves her dupatta and says that this will happen in front of Randheer after which he will have to marry her to save his reputation.

Mogar goes to Randheer and tells him that Kiranbala is crying hard. She requests him to go to comfort her at least since she is scared she might do something to herself. Randheer gets convinced and goes.

In the meantime, Amrit gets into her room with Vashma and scatters her stuff here and there frustrated for disappointing her father, the thing she feared the most. She says that she wrote courageous characters but now she has understood there is much difference between real and reel. She wants to talk with Lala and wants him to put his hand on her head lovingly. She is ready to sacrifice all her happiness for her father’s. Vashma notices she is breathing heavily and goes to get water.

Randheer comes on terrace and sees Amrit who is about to faint. Kiranbala thinks that she will throw her dupatta away as soon as Randheer enters in her room and will fall into his arms. At the same time, Randheer holds Amrit in his arms before she can fall. Vashma comes and seeing Amrit fainted she rushes to call Uday while Randheer takes Amrit to her room lifting her in his arms. He places her on the bed and her dupatta falls. She starts getting conscious. He is about to leave when he finds Amrit’s diary on the floor. He grabs it and, reading it, he finds out that Amrit is Ranjhan. A huge smile appears on his face realizing that Amrit is the Ranjhan whose writing and courage he admires. He understands Kiranbala lied but Amrit stayed silent because his alliance got fixed with her. He sits in front of her and cups her face saying that getting her got even more important to him since she is his Amrit and his Ranjhan as well. He holds her hands and the two share an eye lock. “Kuch na kaho” plays.

On the other hand, Brij kneels in front of Lala and says that Amrit has always respected his reputation and happiness. He asks Lala to give Amrit her happiness: Randheer is modern but loves Amrit and can give all happiness to her. He also says that they are waiting outside and won’t leave without letting engagement happen so the matter is about their reputation now. Rajrani says that Amrit has not crossed her line and she wants her happiness. Mogar comes and tells them that she tried stopping Randheer but he went upstairs. Everyone rush upstairs.

Amrit asks Randheer to forget her but he says that he can forget how to breath but not her since he loves her. He cups her face. Amrit’s family and the guests see them. Women start gossiping about Randheer being in Amrit’s room. Amrit and Randheer get up. Amrit wears back her dupatta. Vashma and Uday come there too. Women keep gossiping. Randheer says that Amrit suddenly fainted. A woman asks whether she lost her consciousness instead. Rajrani is about to slap Amrit but Lala comes and asks her to stop. He walks forward and stands in front of Amrit announcing that Amrit and Randheer’s engagement shall happen right now.

Episode ends

Precap: Randheer promises Amrit that they will bring back happiness on Lala’s face. Amrit says that she won’t marry him if Lala doesn’t get convinced. Uday tells Vashma that they will leave the city and go where none will oppose their love. They hug.

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